Death and the Daleks

Death and the Daleks

Death and the Daleks

Regular Cast

Lisa Bowerman (Bernice Summerfield), Miles Richardson (Irving Braxiatel), Stephen Fewell (Jason Kane), Harry Myers (Adrian Wall), Steven Wickham (Joseph), Louise Falkner (Bev Tarrant), Beverly Cressman (Mrs Jones), Nicholas Briggs (Mister Crofton/Dalek Voices), Ian Collier (Isaac Summerfield), Michael Shallard (Marshal Anson), Andrew Westfield (Bernard Moskof)


The Braxiatel Collectionhas been occupied by the Fifth Axis, led by a figure from Bernice’s past.

As Bernice’s friends rise up to end the occupation, Bernice embarks on a desperate rescue mission, to somewhere she last went long ago.

Braxiatel confronts his destiny, Jason risks all for his love, and lives are shattered and lost, as the battle of the Braxiatel Collection reaches its epic conclusion

Our heroes will live free or die…

Written By:Paul Cornell

Directed By: Gary Russell


  • Death and the Daleks was the final audio story of the fourth season of the Big Finish Bernice Summerfield series.
  • The Daleks use Isaac Summerfield as a Dalek Battle Computer.
  • Benny sees her father, Isaac Summerfield, who appears to be posing as the leader of the Fifth Axis.
  • This is the first confirmation that Irving Braxiatel is a Time Lord as he has a TARDIS.
  • Bernice mentions Winston Churchill, Napoléon Bonaparte and Alexander the Great.
  • Bernice mentions the Movellans, when saying they were able to defeat The Daleks for centuries, making the universe look like a disco. She also mentions their weakness, of removing the hipside powerpacks.
    (Destiny of the Daleks)
  • The Daleks use a battle computer as the Renegade Daleks did in Shorch, London in November 1963.
    (Remembrance of the Daleks)
  • Bernice mentions the Daleks making duplicates, which they last experimented with in Resurrection of the Daleks.


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