Death Comes To Time

Death Comes To Time
Regular Cast

Regular Cast

7th Doctor: Sylvester McCoy
: Sophie Aldred
Antimony: Kevin Eldon


  • Golcrum/Senator Hawk/President – Jon Culshaw
  • Antimony – Kevin Eldon
  • Admiral Mettna – Jacqueline Pearce
  • Casmus – Leonard Fenton
  • The Minister of Chance – Stephen Fry
  • Senator Sala – Britta Gartner
  • General Tannis – John Sessions
  • St Valentine – Anthony Stewart Head
  • Nessican – Dave Hill
  • Dr Cain – Charlotte Palmer
  • Speedwell – Stephen Brody
  • Campion – Gareth Jones
  • Captain Carne – Andrew McGibbon
  • Lieutenant Suneel – Michael Yale
  • The Kingmaker – Peggy Batchelor
  • Pilot – David Evans
  • Premier Bedloe – Robert Rietti
  • Computer – Julienne Davis
  • Magan – Emma Ferguson
  • President of Santiny – Huw Thomas
  • Major Bander/Prime Minister – Nick Romero

with other parts played by Nicholas Courtney, Dan Freedman, Richard Garaghty, Demetri Goritsas, John Humphrys, Benjamin Langley, David Soul, Moray Treadwell

Producer:Dan Freedman
Story by:
Colin Meek


The Doctor and Antimony arrive at an analysis centre for radio telescopes. They meet Dr Cain who tells them Dr Valentine and Antinor were killed by animals – perhaps a dog or a large cat – they were bitten. The Doctor asks her what they were investigating before they died. The Doctor discovers that black holes are being created and that existing ones are growing at a drastic rate. Something has torn a rent in space-time. Two policemen, Campion and Speedwell arrive at the centre investigating The Doctor’s activities at the crime scene, but Speedwell is called away to another animal attack in the East End of London, accompanied by The Doctor. The Doctor sees the body of a young woman with bite marks in her neck, and also another police constable. Investigating further they enter a bar and find twenty bodies with their throats ripped out, and see a figure flee from the scene. Meanwhile Ace wakes from a dream about being rowed to the edge of a whirlpool by a man who seems friendly but dangerous. Casmus teaches her how to remember dreams, and tells her that soon they will be going to Mount Plutarch to have her abilities tested by the Kingmaker. On Santine, the Minister of Chance arrives and meets with the leaders of the resistance.

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