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Dalek Cann



Dalek Cann

Main Aliases:

The Abomination



Place of Origin:


First Seen In:

Army of Ghosts


Daleks in Manhattan
Evolution of the Daleks
The Stolen Earth
Journey’s End
The End of Time
The Third Wise Man

Main Voice Actor:

Nicholas Briggs


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Dalek Caan was one of four Daleks in the Cult of Skaro. Like different individuals from the Cult, he was entrusted to think inventively, similar to the Daleks’ adversaries, to discover better approaches for crushing them. (Doomsday)

After two defeats by the Tenth Doctor, Caan was believed to be the main Dalek staying in presence. To make another Dalek realm, he achieved what was believed to be unthinkable: he broke the time-bolted circumstance of the Last Great Time War and separated Davros, the makerof the Daleks. This activity cost Caan his brain, however enabled him to see into the future and control courses of events. (The Stolen Earth, Journey’s End) Caan was apparently executed, alongside for all intents and purposes the whole New Dalek Empire which he established, when he deceived his own sort. (Journey’s End)

Dalek Caan was the Attack Squad Leaderof the Thirteenth Assault Group and was picked to be a piece of the Cult of Skaro. The Cult was a mystery request set up by the Dalek Emperor before or amid the Last Great Time War. Its four individuals “set out to have names”. As indicated by the Tenth Doctor, who at first trusted them to be a legend, “Their activity was to envision, think as the adversary might suspect… all to discover better approaches for slaughtering, ” none of which was denied by the Cult. (Doomsday, Birth of a Legend)


Amid the Time War, the Cult, including Caan, stayed away from the forefronts of fight and rather stole the Genesis Ark, a jail send like a TARDIS that was developed when Lords to detain a large numberof Daleks. The Cult took the Genesis Ark and fled the war by getting away into the Void by utilising a one of a kind and amazingly propelled Void Ship. Their arrangement was to free their detained brethren from the Ark and restore the Dalek Empire on Earth. (Doomsday)


Dalek Caan and the other three Cult individuals rose up out of the Void with the Genesis Ark in London in 2007. There, they looked to discover a time traveler whom they could trap or power to open the Genesis Ark for them.

The Daleks checked Dr Singh’s cerebrum and scholarly another species, the Cybermen, had attacked Earth. The Cyber-Leader pronounced war while the Cult announced “bug control”. Dalek Caan participated in the Battle of Canary Wharf, where the Genesis Ark discharged an exceptionally huge numberof Daleks onto Earth. Since they had experienced the void, they were shrouded in void stuff. The Tenth Doctor opened the crack the Cybermen had come through and turned around it, sucking in all creatures canvassed in “Void stuff”. As all the recently liberated Daleks were sucked into the Void, Dalek Caan and the three other Cult individuals initiated a crisis transient move and got away. (Army of Ghosts/Doomsday)


The Cult wound up in New York City in 1930. They enrolled Mr Diagoras, the head of development for the Empire State Building. He captured individuals for their exploration and for the “Last Experiment”. Dalek Caan filled in as the Cult’s contact with Diagoras. Caan took him to their pioneer, Dalek Sec, who converged with Diagoras in his packaging to turn into the first Dalek-human half breed. (Daleks in Manhattan)

After Dalek Sec turned into a Dalek-human, he chose that their maker, Davros, wasn’t right about evacuating feelings. He even came to comprehend that the ongoing killings of people at Hooverville weren’t right. In any case, Dalek Caan and different individuals chose the arrangement Sec had for the new Daleks was unsatisfactory, it would make a huge difference that made a Dalek a Dalek and they would never again be incomparable. Daleks Caan, Jast and Thay mutinied, detained Sec, and emptied an alternate quality arrangement into the Dalek-people to the one Sec had needed. The subsequent powerof half breed”Dalek-people” would have turned out precisely like Daleks, against Dalek Sec’s arrangements, had The Doctor not mediated.

Dalek Caan made himself Controller and associated with the Dalek-human armed force.  At the point when Dalek Thay and Dalek Jast requested the new Daleks to crush The Doctor, the crossovers addressed requests. The Doctor clarified that he hindered the gamma strike which had breathed life into them. His DNA had turned out to be blended with theirs, giving them a portion of Time Lord opportunity. A fight broke out between two Cult individuals and the Dalek-people. Jast and Thay were demolished. Just Caan remained, understanding that the half and halves had been messed with, he eliminated the whole race of “Dalek-people”.

Caan was the last individual from the Cult and – as per The Doctor – the remainderof the whole Dalek species. The Doctor faced him and offered Caan help and empathy since he didn’t need destruction. Reluctant to acknowledge the assistance of the Doctor, Caan actuated a crisis fleeting movement and got away. (Advancement of the Daleks)


The crisis worldly move took Dalek Caan to the principal year of the Time War, making him the first being to have ruptured the time lock. He spared Davros from death in the jaws of the Nightmare Child, however at an extraordinary expense: Dalek Caan saw the entire of existence, picking up the capacity to see both the past, present and future with increditedible clearness. He and Davros then made the New Dalek Empire utilising cells from Davros’ very own body. (The Stolen Earth) Witnessing the entire of existence made Caan distraught and he understood exactly how ruinous his race was. He subtly started to get ready for the Daleks to meet their end on account of the Doctor. He enlightened nobody regarding his mystery intend to undermine the new domain he made by helping The Doctor. (Journey’s End) within the sight of Davros and the new Daleks, he continually laughed from inside his destroyed fight covering, and displayed precognitive questions in a nearly sing-melody voice. (The Stolen Earth) Meanwhile, the New Dalek Empire manufactured forward with a plot to take planets, adjust them inside the Medusa Cascade, and use them to control a reality bomb related to the Crucible vitality center. (Journey’s End)

The Supreme Dalek of the New Empire viewed Dalek Caan as a crazy “cursed thing”, however Davros protected him and requested regard for Caan. Neither realised that Caan was neutralising them all. (The Stolen Earth)


Following the development of Earth to the Medusa Cascade, Caan forecasted of the happening to a “three-overlay man “, of “The Doctor’s spirit” being uncovered, that the ” offspring of Time would accumulate” and “one would dise”. The “three-overlap man “alluded to The Doctor, the “Meta-Crisis Doctor”, and the “Specialist Donna”. The last two were made when Donna Noble contacted The Doctor’s extra hand, which had been utilised as a storehouse for The Doctor’s recovery vitality. This made the Meta-Crisis Doctor. Donna in this way got the brain of a Time Lord. The ” offspring of Time” were Rose Tyler, Jackie Tyler, Mickey Smith, Sarah Jane Smith, Captain Jack Harkness and Martha Jones, who had each gone with The Doctor. The Doctor’s spirit was uncovered as a man who would not utilise weapons however shaped his sidekicks into them, Jack, Sarah Jane, Mickey, Jackie and Martha each compromised demolition to stop the Daleks. Their dangers were altogether thwarted when the Supreme Dalek had them transported to the Vault. The Meta-Crisis Doctor and Donna touched base to attempt and stop Davros, who debilitated them both. Be that as it may, Donna’s Time Lord mind, having lain torpid, was “kicked off” by Davros’ assault. Utilizing her human resourcefulness combined with her Time Lord information, she: deactivated the truth bomb by shutting the majority of the Z-Neutrino vitality transfer circles by utilising a disguised synchronous back-feed inversion circle, incapacitated Davros with a bio-electric hosing field with a retrogressive curve reversal and his Daleks with a trek join electrical switch in the psycho-active edge controller, and secured the Daleks’ weaponry a self-repeating vitality blindfold network through macrotransmission of a K-channel wavelength.

Davros requested to know why Dalek Caan had not anticipated their thrashing. Caan answered with distraught chuckling. The Doctor understood that Caan had predicted these occasions, and had even controlled the courses of events, restricting Donna and the Doctor together to convey occasions to this end. Caan said he “just made a difference”. At the point when Davros blamed Caan for selling out the Daleks, Caan answered that fairly, he had seen the shrewdness of his sort all through all of existence, and what numberof guiltless lives were slaughtered by his race. Indeed, even as Davros remade the Daleks, Caan secretly had declared “no more”.

Dalek Caan influenced the Meta-Crisis Doctor to pulverize the Daleks, which he did by impacting back the Dalekanium control sustains. Caan stayed on board the detonating Crucible with Davros, reminding The Doctor before he left that “one will in any beyond words.”

Clearly, the partner who “kicked the bucket” was DoctorDonna, whose recollections of her movements with The Doctor must be eradicated to spare her from wearing out from the Time Lord information that she conveyed. Should Donna ever recall her movements, the information would demolish her. The Doctor disclosed to her family that the Donna she had progressed toward becoming was dead. (Journey’s End)


Dalek Caan had his very own brain and had a problem solving attitude. That was a piece of the Cult of Skaro command: to envision and think as their foes suspected. Not at all like most Daleks, who dependably complied with their bosses, Caan was autonomous and settled on his own choices and ignored higher-positioning Daleks. Be that as it may, Caan still put stock in the thought of Dalek immaculateness and matchless quality, maybe more than different individuals from the Cult of Skaro, which may have impacted his double-crossing of his prevalent, who had both couldn’t help contradicting the thought and spurned his own virtue. He was the first to scrutinize the Dalek Sec-half and half and persuaded Dalek Jast and Dalek Thay to topple him. (Evolution of the Daleks)

In the wake of flying into the Time War, Dalek Caan lost his rational soundness and chuckled frantically. He predicted the future with immaculate exactness since he had seen the entire of reality. Davros noticed that even the Supreme Dalek didn’t set out to repudiate Caan’s predictions. (The Stolen Earth)

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