Day of the Daleks VHS

Day of the Daleks VHS
Day of the Daleks VHS


An exciting, action-packed thriller in which The Doctor (Jon Pertwee) comes face-to-face with his oldest and deadliest enemy…

World peace hangs in the balance. Sir Reginald Styles, a high-ranking diplomat is the only person that stands between mankind and a third and final World War. But a mysterious and savage guerilla force from the 22nd Century believe Styles is the agent that shaped their terrifying future and therefore must die…

The Doctor and Jo find themselves flung into the guerillas’ world, a brutal dictatorship policed by the merciless and ape-like Ogrons. The Daleks have invaded Earth, enslaved the population and face certain triumph unless The Doctor betrays all he believes in and condones the cold-blooded murderof Styles in an attempt to change the course of history… irrevocably

Day of the Daleks is one of the strangest, and most intellectually challenging chapters in The Doctor’s 25 year history. Now, follow every bizarre twist and exciting turn, all the way to the explosive conclusion!

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