The Dark Path

The Dark Path
The Dark Path


“He’s one of my own people, Victoria, and he’s hunting me.”

Darkheart: a faded neutron star surrounded by dead planets. But there is life on one of these icy rocks – the last enclave of the Earth Empire, frozen in the image of another time. As the rest of the galaxy enjoys the fruits of the fledgling Federation, these isolated imperials, bound to obey a forgotten ideal, harbour a dark obsession.

The Doctor, Jamie and Victoria arrive to find that the Federation has at last come to reintegrate this lost colony, whether they like it or not. But all is not well in the Federation camp: relations and allegiances are changing. The fierce Veltrochni – angered by the murderof their kinsmen – have an entirely different agenda. And someone else is manipulating the mission for his own mysterious reasons – another time traveller, a suave and assured masterof his work.

The Doctor must uncover the terrible secret which brought the Empire to this desolate sector, and find the source of the strange power maintaining their society. But can a Time Lord, facing the ultimate temptation, control his own desires?


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  • The Dark Path was the thirty-second novel in the Virgin Missing Adventures series. It was written by David A. McIntee.
  • Victoria is trying to get Jamie to read Robinson Crusoe.
  • The Doctor has not seen Koschei in two hundred years.
  • Koschei persuades Terrall to use the Darkheart to destroy Terileptus (home planet of the Terileptils).
  • Jamie McCrimmon is not afraid of heights.
  • Victoria Waterfield is tempted by Koschei to eliminate Skaro from time and space.
  • Koschei’s TARDIS is a type 45 with user definable macros for easy navigation.
  • The Doctor can use Koschei’s TARDIS to remotely control his.
  • The Doctor states that they “…don’t want to crash into the other time machine…, ” something that he would later do in his fifth and tenth incarnations, at the same time. (Time Crash)
  • The Doctor and Clark discuss a Marines Corp term, “telefrag, ” which is when one teleports in occupied space and the space goes ‘splat.’ The Doctor would later disintegrate an Oodwhen he materialised in it. (The Doctor’s Wife)
  • The Sons of Earth are still active at this time. (The Power of Kroll)
  • The Doctor tells Jamie that The Daleks once pursued him across time and space. (The Chase)
  • Ailla is shot accidentally, then put in a body bag, only for her to regenerate later. Nearly identical events would happen to the Seventh Doctor. (The TV Movie)

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