Daniel Barton

Daniel Barton



Daniel Barton




Spyfall Part 1 and 2

Main Actor:

Lennie Henry


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Daniel Barton was the CEO of VOR and a former MI6 informant.

Barton was born in Bromsgrove and was of British African-Caribbean heritage. A scan of his DNA revealed that he was 93% human, but 7% of unknown origin.

He worked as an SIS informant between 1992 and his withdrawal in 2012. During this period, he provided information of digital and technological developments in Far East countries, such as Japan and China, with details of their intentions in the Western Market. He withdrew his cooperation from the intelligence service when he failed to turn up for scheduled meetings with his handler in New York. The CIA suspected him to be a possible double or triple agent to unknown agencies.

By the late 2010s, Barton was CEO of VOR. (Spyfall)


The SIS intelligence report on him indicated that he was 6’2 in height, had hazel eyes, and black hair. (Spyfall)

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