Regular Cast

Tim Treloar (Narrator)


Doctor Who: Short Trips Monthly is a series of new short stories read by an original cast member.

As the decade in English history which attracts the greatest quantity of alien invasions per annum, the 1970s are not the easiest time in which to steer the great British ship of state. The Prime Minister, nonetheless, is doing the very best job he can. Still, at least he has UNIT to rely on – their eccentric, bouffant-haired scientific adviser in particular. Or does he?

Producer Ian Atkins
Script Editor Ian Atkins
Executive Producers Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs

Written by: Jonathan Barnes
Directed by: Lisa Bowerman


“This is a marvellous story, just gets better with each revisit, and fits into the Short Trips stable perfectly.” – Mass Movement Magazine


  • Tim Treloar played the Third Doctor in the 2013 anniversary story The Light at the End
  • This story is available for download only.
  • This story was recorded at the Moat Studios on 24 March 2016.
  • Jeremy mentions the incident at Wenley Moor. (Doctor Who and the Silurians)
  • The events of this story coincide with the events of the World Beyond the Trees, with the Third Doctor speculating that a future incarnation may have crossed his own timeline.

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