Damaged Goods

Damaged Goods
Damaged Goods


“Wherever this cocaine has travelled, it hasn’t gone alone. Death has been its attendant. Death in a remarkably violent and inelegant form.”

The Seventh Doctor, Chris and Roz, arrive at the Quadrant, a troubled council block in Thatcher’s Britain. There’s a new drug on the streets, a drug that’s killing to a plan. Somehow, the very ordinary people of the Quadrant are involved. And so, amidst the growing chaos, a bizarre trio moves into number 43.

The year is 1987: a dead drug dealer has risen from the grave, and an ancient weapon is concealed beneath human tragedy. But The Doctor soon discovers that the things people do for their children can be every bit as deadly as any alien menace – as he uncovers the link between a special child, an obsessive woman, and a desperate bargain made one dark Christmas Eve.


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  • Damaged Goods is the fifty-fifth Virgin New Adventures novel, published in 1996. It features the Seventh Doctor, Chris Cwej and Roz Forrester.
  • Chris wears anearring in his right ear, unknowingly identifying with gay culture (1980s gay culture dictated that the right was the “gay” ear).
  • Roz smokes cigarettes (as her 30th century metabolism will not allow the cigarette to cause any harm to her body).
  • Harry Sullivanis still alive in 2015.
  • The Doctor mentions an anti-Dalek weapon he built during the Shorch Incident. (Remembrance of the Daleks)

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