The Dalek Invasion of Earth


The Dalek Invasion of EarthThe Dalek Invasion of EarthThe Dalek Invasion of EarthThe Dalek Invasion of EarthThe Dalek Invasion of Earth


Pages 142
ISBN 0-426-11244-X
Publication Date 24 March 1977


The TARDIS lands in a London of future times — a city of fear, devastation and holocaust… a city now ruled by DALEKS.

The Doctor and his companions meet a team of underground resistance workers, among the few survivors, but after an unsuccessful attack on the Dalek spaceship, they are all forced to flee the capital.

A perilous journey through England finally brings them to the secret centre of Dalekoperations… and the mysterious reason for the Dalek invasion of Earth!



  1. Return to Terror
  2. The Roboman
  3. The Freedom Fighters
  4. Inside the Saucer
  5. Attack the Daleks!
  6. The Fugitives
  7. Reunedition with The Doctor
  8. The Mine of the Daleks
  9. Dangerous Journey
  10. Trapped in the Depths
  11. Action Underground
  12. Rebellion !
  13. Explosion!
  14. The Farewell


  • As is common in many of the Target Novelisations, the wording of the dialogue is quite different, including the First Doctor’s famous farewell speech to Susan. Some lines of dialogue are also given to different characters.
  • When Ian asks how the Daleks survived, The Doctor, rather than claim the events of The Daleks took place”amillion years in the future”, merely suggests the Daleks had other colonies on Skaro that were not involved in the Thal attack and so the destruction was not as complete as everyone believed.
  • Carl Tyler is renamed Jim Tyler. Similarly, Jack Craddock is renamed Bill Craddock.
  • The Black Dalek is larger than the other Daleks.
  • The Dalek Saucer Commander is not identified, although a second-in-command is present.
  • The Doctor does not pass out like he does in Episode 4 and helps David disarm the Dalek firebomb (called a “blockbuster bomb”).
  • Some Robomen are present when Barbara and Jenny are arrested by the Daleks at the womens’ hut.
  • Instead of the two brothers killing each other in a struggle, Larry kills the robotised Phil by knocking his helmet off, then a Dalek arrives on the scene and kills Larry in his grief.
  • The Doctor orders both the slaves and the Robomen to clear the mine area before the explosion. What happened to the Robomen after the Dalek invasion force is destroyed is left unexplained.
  • A few scenes are changed to closer resemble the movie remake of the story starring Peter Cushing:
    • Dortmun‘s death sees him buried under falling rubble, taking a Dalek with him, rather than just being shot by them.
    • Ian uses some wooden planks to send the Dalek bomb on the wrong course as Tom Campbell did, rather than jamming it in place.
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