The Dalek Generation

The Dalek Generation

The Dalek Generation

The Dalek Generation


“The Sunlight Worlds offer You A Life of Comfort and Plenty. Apply now at The Dalek Foundation.”

Sunlight 349 is one of countless Dalek Foundation worlds, planets created to house billions suffering from economic hardship. The Doctor arrives at Sunlight 349, suspicious of any world where The Daleks are apparently a force for good – and determined to find out the truth. The Doctor knows they have a far more sinister plan – but how can he convince those who have lived under the benevolence of the Daleks for a generation?

But convince them he must, and soon. For on another Foundation planet, archaeologists have unearthed the most dangerous technology in the universe…


Lillian Belle, a journalist for Sunlight 349 Holo-News living on The Dalek Foundation world of Sunlight 349, arrives at the sight of a train crash where two locomotives have collided head on. As Lillian interviews a security guard, Daniel Ash, a Dalek arrives on the scene to investigate. Some medics with Mr Sezman, one of the drivers, approach The Dalek on the other side of the train — out of everyone’s sight — to explain to it what happened. The Dalek murders them and leaves before the bodies can be found.

While the TARDIS is in flight through the Time Vortex, The Doctor receives a Hypercube, a much smaller one that he is used to. He then thinks that maybe he made it himself to send himself a message from his future. He is brought to the desert planet Gethria, where he sees a gathering of humanoids around a stone monument. They all depart as The Doctor realises the gathering was a funeral. An old woman stares at The Doctor as if she recognises him before leaving herself. The Doctor examines the gravestone and sees a toy spaceship embedded into it. He notes it was “made in Carthedia” and then leaves. His departure is watched by The Dalek Time Controller, who declares: “It is beginning…”

Elsewhere in space and time, a young girl has been taken prisoner by the Daleks. A Dalek enters the cell with a tray of food and forces her to eat it. The girl is disgusted but pretends it is her favourite sweet, jelly blobs, so she can eat it. Back in the TARDIS, The Doctor tries to deduce the purpose of the hypercube when he receives a distress call from a Terrin Blakely and his wife Alyst who claim their ship is under attack. The Doctor sets off to aid them but The Dalek Time Controller fires an energy pulse at the TARDIS, knocking The Doctor off course. He arrives on the ship but too late as he finds a recording showing Terrin and Alyst preparing to throw themselves out of the airlock to protect their knowledge of a certain formula from the Daleks. The Doctor investigates the ship further and finds three children hidden in the escape pod: Sabel, Jenibeth and Ollus — Terrin and Alyst’s children. He tells them of their parents’ death and returns the ship to their home planet Carthedia, along the way learning a few things: the children are smart for their age, Ollus has a toy spaceship, that a family friend named Hogoosta gave Terrin and Alyst the formula and that the Daleks are considered a force for good.

Upon arriving on Carthedia, The Doctor is questioned about Terrin and Alyst’s disappearance. He is found innocent of any crime and is allowed to depart with the children but he mysteriously loses the recording of the Daleks’ part in the couple’s death and is unable to prove The Dalek are evil. He tries to explain this to a crowd of journalists who don’t believe him. He is then arrested for denouncing The Daleks, which is considered a hate crime. The children are taken to an orphanage while The Doctor is put on trial, with The Dalek Litigator acting as the prosecution. The Doctor pleads guilty to the hate crime in attempts to anger the Litigator and provoke The Dalek into showing its true colours but it stays calm. The Doctor is given a sentence and all his and the Blakely’s assets are seized by The Dalek Foundation. The Doctor’s state-appointed lawyer, Hellic Dansard, appeals for The Doctor to see the children before the sentence is carried out as he displayed some “emotional attachment” to them. Against The Doctor’s expectations, The Dalek Litigator holds no objections.

Hellic and some police forces take The Doctor in a skimmer (a Carthedian police car) to the police station where The Doctor finds the children struggling to sleep in a poorly-treated orphanage. Fortunately, security neglects to relieve The Doctor of his sonic screwdriver and he uses it to produce an extremely loud sound, stunning Hellic and the police and shattering the wall of the orphanage allowing The Doctor and the children to escape. They take off in a skimmer (which Ollus is able to drive despite his age), Hellic and the police giving chase. The Doctor spots the TARDIS on a landing pad with a Dalek guarding it. The Doctor uses Ollus’s toy spaceship to produce holograms which The Dalek mistakes for an attack. It panics, firing almost hysterically at the sky, shooting down and scattering the police skimmers. Hellic’s skimmer is shot down, crashing into the Dalek and killing them both. Ollus lands the skimmer but more Daleks exit a Dalek saucer to apprehend them. The Doctor uses the toy again to project more holograms from the TARDIS light, distracting The Daleks long enough for them to escape. The children, upon learning the TARDIS is a time machine, ask The Doctor if they can travel back and save their parents. The Doctor initially refuses, abiding by the laws set by the Time Lords, but eventually wonders if he could rescue the parents and adjust the controls accordingly. But another energy pulse hits the TARDIS, sending it off course once more.

On Gethria, Hogoosta is working at an excavation site, worrying about Terrin and Alyst, when Klektid Enforcers arrive and evict everyone off the site. The TARDIS arrives and the children greet Hogoosta, who tells The Doctor about the Cradle of the Gods, a great monument they have discovered with inscriptions meaning it either has the purpose of creation or destruction. The Klektid enforcers chase them back to the TARDIS for venturing too close to the monument. The Doctor materialises the TARDIS closer to the Cradle and they begin to investigate. It seems active for some unknown reason. The Daleks then arrive. The group realises the enforcers must have been working for the Daleks. The Doctor, Sabel and Ollus manage to escape back to the TARDIS but Hogoosta is exterminated and Jenibeth is captured. Ollus promises to rescue her, then the TARDIS dematerialises, the Cradle suddenly becoming inactive at the same time.

Some months after investigating the train crash on Sunlight 349, Lillian Belle is approached by the member of an underground resistance said to be plotting the downfall of the Dalek Foundation. They give Lillian a report exposing the murders at the crash site and give her information in the form of memory cells about The Doctor. She is told to find him. The Doctor ends up finding her first and asking if she knows a way to defeat The Daleks.

Meanwhile, The Dalek Supreme is becoming impatient and demands that the Dalek Time Controller activate the Cradle of the Gods immediately. The Time Controller refuses, claiming, “The Doctor’s course is set. Set by me.” Intervention would disrupt the flow of time and harm The Daleks. The Time Controller forces The Dalek Supreme to obey, and the latter reluctantly complies.

The Doctor, Sabel and Ollus use Lillian to sniff out a resistance member and they are met with success. The Doctor, Sabel and Ollus are taken to a resistance meeting where five dark and mysterious figures are in discussion. The Doctor asks about their course of action but Sabel and Ollus discover Daleks Invading the hideout. The Doctor and the children escape but they see the resistance members killed by the Daleks. The Doctor returns to Lillian and interrupts her in the middle of a news report. He takes her camera to a busy shopping centre and then begins transmitting a live message to all the screens on Sunlight 349, urging its citizens to rise up against The Daleks. His revolution fails as people still refuse to believe that the Daleks are evil. Someone changes the channel to the quiz show How Nice Is Your Brain? rather than listen to him. The Doctor persists and tries to rally the citizens without the use of a camera but The Dalek Litigator arrives to deal with the situation and subject The Doctor to another trial in public. The crowd’s support for the Daleks is huge and Doctor is totally outwitted as the Litigator demands that The Doctor provide proof for his accusations. Sabel and Ollus defend The Doctor but the Litigator makes them question their trust in him, noting that they only have his word to tell them who killed their parents. The resistance members emerge unharmed, the Litigator stating they are care workers. It further declares that Jenibeth will be found and safely returned and the Blakely children will be left under Lillian’s care. Four more Daleks arrive with the TARDIS and the Doctor is forced to leave. He is allowed to say goodbye to the children and hands Ollus the hypercube, telling him that if he ever needs The Doctor, he just has to think of him. At last, The Doctor leaves in the TARDIS – but he has a plan.

Approximately 90 years later, Gill is taking care of an elderly Ollus and tells him Sabel is expected to recover from her cold in hospital soon. Gill then finds a white cube and inquires about it, and Ollus begins to remember The Doctor as he goes to sleep.

The Doctor lands on Gethria not long after he left the funeral. Ollus’ funeral. The old woman he saw returns. Due to the family resemblance, The Doctor mistakes her for Sabel but it is really Jenibeth. The Doctor takes Ollus’ toy spaceship off the gravestone and explains that Terrin and Alyst placed the formula to activate the Cradle of the Gods inside the toy, which is why the Cradle was so active when they investigated it. He is about to smash the toy when Jenibeth takes him hostage. She is a Dalek puppet. Another Dalek ship arrives with a captive Sabel and Ollus who explains The Daleks faked his funeral. The Dalek Litigator is with them and reveals that the Daleks have been manipulating The Doctor since they sent him the hypercube so that he could lead them to the Cradle and activate it. The purpose of the 400 Sunlight Worlds was to have them transformed by the Cradle into “a billion Skaros”. The Litigator then turns into the Dalek Time Controller and demands The Doctor activate the Cradle or the Blakelys will die. The Doctor examines it and then finds it is almost ready to turn the Sunlight Worlds into jelly blobs because Jenibeth, having been a Dalek prisoner for decades, had no education and still has the mind of a child and the Cradle is feeding off her mental power. To save the worlds’ inhabitants, The Doctor sets the Cradle to self-destruct. The Time Controller moves to kill The Doctor but Jenibeth, able to resist The Daleks’ control, attacks him. The other Daleks fight back but Jenibeth destroys them. The Time Controller and a remaining drone retreat but not before shooting Jenibeth.

Sabel and Ollus begin to comfort the dying Jenibeth, telling them stories of their parents and childhood. The Doctor tries to get them into the TARDIS before the Cradle explodes but he is forced to leave them. He takes cover in the TARDIS himself, fearing the worst for the siblings. But when the danger passes, he searches for them and finds them as children, the way they were when he first met them. The Cradle has also converted the rest of the Sunlight Worlds accordingly — all has been reverted by the Cradle to the way it was when the Blakelys were children because of the stories making so huge an impact in Jenibeth’s mind for the Cradle to feed on. Another spacecraft arrives, piloted by Terrin and Alyst Blakely, also recreated by the Cradle and Jenibeth’s mind. The Doctor leaves in the TARDIS before he can witness the reunion. For a moment, he is ecstatic about how The Daleks‘ plans for destruction instead had the opposite effect, but he then thinks about what could have been if the Daleks had succeeded. How many people could have died because The Daleks were able to manipulate The Doctor and his reputation for meddling with the affairs of others all throughout time? How many lives had already been lost due to his meddling? Finally, The Doctor decrees: “No more meddling. No more.”

Sabel tells her family she thought she saw a man but Ollus and Jenibeth saw nothing. Her parents tell her she must have imagined him and they prepare to leave. As they do, Sabel hears and faint groan in the distance but it quickly fades to nothing.


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