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Dalek Tin

Dalek Tin
Dalek Tin


THE POWER OF THE DALEKS  sees a newly-regenerated Doctor arrive on the planet Vulcan with his companions Ben and Polly. Colonists on Vulcan have discovered a half-buried spaceship, inside which are two dormant Daleks. Against The Doctor’s advice, the scientist Lesterson provides power to the creatures & enabling them to spring to life and wreak havoc amongst the population. New linking narration is provided by Anneke Wills, who also plays Polly. The Power of the Daleks was the third story of Season 4 of Doctor Who. It was the first full story to feature the Second Doctor, played by Patrick Troughton. All six episodes are missing from the BBC archives.

In THE EVIL OF THE DALEKS a time cabinet has been unwittingly constructed by Theodore Maxtible, enabling the Daleks to travel between 19th and 20th Century London and their home planet of Skaro. Their plan is to imbue the Dalek race with ‘the human factor’ – thus strengthening their battle strategy and making them more dangerous than ever. Can The Doctor, Jamie and their new friend Victoria stop them? New linking narration is provided by Frazer Hines, who also plays Jamie. The Evil of the Daleks was the ninth and final story of Season 4 of Doctor Who and the first to feature companion Victoria Waterfield, played by Deborah Watling. It was at the time intended to be The Doctor’s final battle with the Daleks. Except for a few cameos, they did not appear again in the series for five years. Only episode two remains intact, the rest of the story has been lost.


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Dalek Tin comined two stories in one release but both released individually.

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