Dalek Movie DVDs

 Dalek Movie DVDs
Dalek Movie Cushing DVD Special Set


Number of DVDs: 2
DVD Number :TBA
Duration :  TBA


The legendary Peter Cushing stars in the first Dalek Movie DVDs. Two thrilling big screen adventures of the beloved BBC serial that captured the imagination of the world. All self-respecting Dr. Who and sci-fi fans shouldn’t be without this double Dalek  Movie DVD digi-pack.

Dr Who and the Daleks

Scientist Dr. Who (Peter Cushing) accidentally activates his new invention, the TARDIS, a time machine disguised as a police telephone box. Along with his two grand-daughters Barbara (Jennie Linden) and Susan (Roberta Tovey), and Barbara’s boyfriend Ian (Roy Castle) they are transported through time and space to the planet Skaro, birthplace of the terrifying metal monsters, the Daleks! Skaro is a planet devastated by radioactive fallout, where the hideously mutated Daleks, safe in their metal city, plot to exterminate their age-old adversaries, the Thals, with a massive neutron bomb. Only The Doctor can save them!

Daleks Invasion Earth – 2150 A.D.

Dr. Who (Peter Cushing) is transported by the TARDIS to a desolated future Earth under cosmic attack by the vengeful Daleks. Whole continents have been wiped out and humans turned into Robomen – living dead slaves! Only the underground resistance movement stands in the way of total Dalek control and extermination! Bernard Cribbins stars as the hapless police officer Tom Campbell who mistakenly stumbles into the TARDIS during a robbery in London and Roberta Tovey reprises her role as The Doctor’s grand-daughter and assistant Susan.

These stories originally shown: 1965 & 1966

Special Features

  • Commentary by Jennie Linden and Roberta Tovey
  • Dalekmania documentary (57 mins)
  • Theatricial trailer


Region 1 cover


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