Dalek Scout 159



Dalek Scout 159



Place of Origin:



Invasion of the Daleks


Dalek Scout 159 of the Logric Squadron participated in the Dalek invasion of Venus (Invasion of the Daleks) in the year 2400.
(Break-through!) It and its “Number Two” patrolled Area XX, where they found Jeff and Mary Stone; however, while the other Dalek left with the two prisoners, Scout 159 stayed in the area to adjust the gravity controls of its transolar disc, reporting on his position to Dalek headquarters in New Paris and acknowledging that it would be punished for making a mistake. Just before it left, Andy Stone blew it up with Jeff’s rock blasters. The explosion attracted other Daleks from nearby. Andy subsequently used Scout 159’s intercom to listen to his siblings. (Invasion of the Daleks)

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