The Daleks Remastered

The Daleks Remastered
The Daleks Remastered


The TARDIS lands on Skaro, a seemingly dead world with high levels of radiation. Seeing a deserted city, The Doctor deliberately sabotages his TARDIS in order to force Ian, Barbara and Susan to explore further. But the city is not as dead as it first appears. The TARDIS crew are captured by sinister metal creatures that silently glide through the corridors and walkways – Daleks.

Survivors of a deadly nuclear war with their enemies the Thals, the Daleks have mutated into creatures dependent on their travel machines to keep them alive. One by one, the time-traveller captives succumb to the effects of Skaro’s radiation, leaving Susan their only hope in retrieving life-saving drugs from the TARDIS.

Outside the city, the peaceful Thal survivors are running out of food and supplies – but can they trust the Daleks to aid them? With the TARDIS stranded, The Doctor and his companions are caught up in a battle for survival between the two species.

And time is running out – the radiation-dependent Daleks plan to explode another neutron bomb, killing all other life on Skaro.

This story, featuring the first ever appearance of the Daleks, was broadcast on BBC1 between 21 December 1963 – 1 February 1964.

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