The Dalek Invasion of Earth

The Dalek Invasion of Earth DVD


Number of DVDs: 2
DVD Number: BBCDVD1156
Certification: PG
Duration:: 147 minutes


The TARDIS, with The Doctor, Ian, Susan and Barbara on board, materialises beside the River Thames in the year 2167. The world to which they emerge, however, is eerily silent and signs of decay are rife.

they soon discover that the streets are patrolled by zombie-like humans, flying saucer-like craft occupy the skies and that desperate rebels are hiding below ground in the disused Underground system.

But worse is still to come! The Daleks, thought destroyed by The Doctor, have invaded and enslaved humanity, having first bombarded it with cosmic storms. Why have the Daleks chosen Earth in particular?

What is the significance of the giant mine in Bedfordshire to which they are shipping human slaves? And can The Doctor unite with the small band of resistance fighters to stop the Daleks before their plans wreck havoc with the Earth forever?

These stories originally shown. 21 Nov 1964 – 26 Dec 1964

Producer: Verty Lambert
Directed by: Richard Martin

Episode entry

Special Features

  • Commentary by Carole Ann Ford and William Russell, producer Verity Lambert and director Richard Martin
  • ‘Future Visions’ – short feature about work of designer Spencer Chapman. ‘Future Memories’ – actors reminisce about the story.
  • Talking Daleks‘ – creation of Dalek voices. ‘Now and then’ – location feature.
  • Script To Screen‘ – original studio floor plans show how camera moves were blocked out. Valerie Singleton makes Dalek cakes on Blue Peter.
  • Whatever Happened to Susan?‘ – 1993 radio production with Jane Asher as The Doctor’s granddaughter.
  • CGI effects (original model effects replaced by CGI versions).
  • 10 second message from the Daleks on second disc.
  • Isolated music soundtrack.
  • Production notes.
  • Photo gallery

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