An Exciting Adventure with the Daleks

An Exciting Adventure with the Daleks

An Exciting Adventure with the Daleks


The story from the beginning! Here is the exciting adventure of Dr. Who, Susan, Barbara, Ian, from the moment they meet one foggy autumn night on a lonely common beside a Police Box (Ah, but what a curious Police Box!) to the time they encounter the weird Daleks.

It is a thrilling story, and we know this book will be one of the most popular published in the Armada series. Can you wait any longer?


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  • Barbara believes The Doctor regarding the TARDIS’ dimensions (Ian still doesn’t).
  • Audiobook reading of The Daleks
  • Susan is being personally tutored by Barbara.
  • A Dalek is described as having some emotion in its voice.
  • Susan Foreman is referred to by the name “Susan English”.
  • Originally published in 1964 as Doctor Who in an Exciting Adventure with the Daleks and later retitled Doctor Who and the Daleks and Doctor Who – The Daleks, this novel by David Whitaker was the first Doctor Who novelisation and differed from the broadcast teleplays. (The title subsequently assigned to this story, The Daleks, is included as part of the book’s original title, its use on editions from 1973 onwards led to it being subsequently used for the television story.)
  • The 1967 edition by Avon Books was the first American edition of a Doctor Who book, predating a later series of American novelisation editions by nearly a decade

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