Dalek Time Strategist



Dalek Time Strategist

Biological Type:


Affiliated With:

Dalek Time Controller

Place of Origin:


First Seen In:

The Monster of Montmartre


Master of the Daleks
The Shadow Vortex
The Eternity Cage
Eye of Harmony
Pretty Lies
The Lady of Obsidian
The Enigma Dimension
Desperate Measures
Fugitive in Time
The War Valeyard


Dalek Time Strategist was a Dalek rank.

One group of Dalek Time Strategists was under the command of the Dalek Time Controller. They were created by the Controller in Paris. (The Monster of Montmartre, Master of the Daleks)

After the Time Controller became part of the Eminence, the Dalek Supreme commissioned the creation of a new Time Strategist, based on Adelaine Dutemps. (Eye of Darkness)


The Dalek Time Strategist became a major player in the Last Great Time War. It informed the Dalek Emperor that there was a secret Time Lord base. It hoped that it could soon destroy Project Revenant. After the engine at the core was lost he devised a new strategy. (Desperate Measures)


Later in the War, he sent Lara Zannis to Earth to capture the Shadow Vortex. The Strategist wanted to invade the Earth in order to destroy it and stop The Doctor from meeting his companions, hopefully erasing him from the timelines. (The Shadow Vortex)

The Strategist sent the Daleks to Rovidia to capture Cardinal Ollistra, intending to steal her knowledge of Time Lord secrets. The Sontaran Fesk tricked the Strategist into meeting him and took the Strategist prisoner, disarming him. The Strategist was placed with Ollistra where they talked about the starting of the War. In the chaos caused by the rescue attempt of Ollistra by the War Doctor, Heleyna and Kalan, the Strategist was recovered by the Daleks. (The Eternity Cage)

The Strategist ordered the destruction of the Rovidian fleet after The Doctor left the planet. The Strategist believed that The Doctor had given the Daleks the means to win the war. It used Heleyna to gain access to the Eye of Harmony chamber within Vassarian’s Battle TARDIS. It planned to use the Dalek Time Squad to attack the Eye and cause it to collapse to destroy the Time Lords. The Doctor stopped his plan by destroying the Eye of Harmony Chamber. After the Battle TARDIS disappeared from the vortex he ordered that all the timelines be scoured to find The Doctor and destroy him. (Eye of Harmony)

The Time Strategist ordered the destruction of the space station The Doctor had landed on as a way to kill him. Later, after he had saw Schandel’s news report on The Doctor he ordered the complete destruction of Beltox. (Pretty Lies)

Learning that The Doctor had gone to Grend he ordered the fleet to go there regardless of the threat at the Obsidian Nebula. He later ordered the destruction of Rosata Traxter’s ship in order to destroy The Doctor. When this failed he ordered the search of the Obsidian Nebula for The Doctor. After one of the Dalek Scout drones disappeared, he went into the nebula. Skaul gave him an ultimatum, the Time Strategist decided to give him the coordinates of where they were heading as the Daleks had to go back to the Battle at Grend. When he realised that the Time Lords weren’t originally supposed to be there, he ordered them to leave as his prime objective was now ready. (The Lady of Obsidian)

He went to a dimensional sphere to start his final plan. He had sent the Enigma to Gallifrey to destroy the Time Lords. When The Doctor took his TARDIS to the same dimension as him he thought it wasn’t possible. He had threatened the Enigma to do his work. When the Daleks powered up their weapon to destroy the Enigma, he realised that the TARDIS was absorbing energy from it. (The Enigma Dimension)


The Dalek Time Strategist active during the Time War possessed a casing similar to the Supreme Dalek of the New Dalek Empire (The Stolen Earth / Journey’s End) and the Supreme Dalek who controlled the Dalek City. (The Magician’s Apprentice / The Witch’s Familiar) Unlike them, but like the Dalek Time Controller, its casing housed a Time Controller device. (Eye of Harmony)

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