Home Planet:
Defining Species Characteristics:
Blue skin, no hair
First Appearance:
Latest Appearance:



Great. We rescued a racist.

Dahh-ren is the only non-human member of the survivors at Chasm Forge. His planet of origin being unknown, Dahh-ren is just another employee of Ganymede Systems hoping to earn his way in the universe by earning credits as a worker in their mining operation. And of course, as Chasm Forge has no oxygen supply, he has been issued with an intelligent smartsuit. The same type of smartsuit that appears to be malfunctioning and murdering other members of the crew.

Dahh-ren is puzzled when Bill initially shows surprise at his appearance – why would Bill face prejudice for the colour of her skin? She’s not blue!

Dahh-ren is a knowledgeable member of the band of survivors that join the Doctor to try and escape the rogue smartsuits roaming the station. But the ruthless suits soon terminate his life-signs when their problem solving abilities prove to be more than simply ‘limited’. Another corpse-suit hunting the Doctor…

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