Place of Origin:


Defining Species Characteristics:

Blue skin, no hair

First Seen In:


Latest Appearance:



“Great. We rescued a racist.”

Dahh-ren is the main non-human individual from the survivors at Chasm Forge. His planet of cause being obscure, Dahh-ren is simply one more representative of Ganymede Systems wanting to procure his way known to man by winning credited as a laborer in their mining task. What’s more, obviously, as Chasm Forge has no oxygen supply, he has been issued with an insightful smartsuit. A similar kind of smartsuit that has all the earmarks of being failing and killing different individuals from the group.

Dahh-ren is bewildered when Bill at first shows shock at his appearance – for what reason would Bill face preference for the shade of her skin? She’s not blue!

Dahh-ren is a proficient individual from the band of survivors that join The Doctor to attempt and escape the maverick smartsuits wandering the station. In any case, the merciless suits before long end his life-signs when their critical thinking capacities demonstrate to be more than basically ‘restricted’. Another body suit chasing The Doctor.

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