The Cybermen Collection

The Cybermen Collection
The Cybermen Collection


Number of DVDs: 2
DVD Number: BBCDVD2905
Certification: 12
Duration: 180 minutes
Release Date: 3 April 2009


Revisit the Cybermen’s return in this fantastic collection featuring 4 thrilling episodes, as The Doctor and companions battle against the evil silver giants.

Starring David Tennant and Billie Piper.

The Cybermen Collectioncontains

Rise of the Cybermen
– On a parallel Earth, a deadly new version of the Doctor’s old enemy is about to be reborn.

The Age of Steel
– The Cybermen take control of London and start converting the populationwhile The Doctor, Rose & Mickey become fugitives.

Army of Ghosts
– The Doctor and Rose are drawn to the Torchwood Tower, but a mighty invasion force is ready to march.

– As two mighty armies clash, The Doctor realises that saving the Earth might mean the death of Rose Tyler.

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  • Cybermen were a “race” of cybernetically augmented humanoids. They varied greatly in design, with different factions throughout time and space. The two major groups, from which all other known versions derived, were the Mondasian Cybermen, which originated on the planet Mondas – Earth’s twin planet in the Doctor’s universe – and the Cybermen created by Cybus Industries, which originated on Earth  in an alternate universe known by The Doctor as Pete’s World.
    According to comments made in The Brilliant Book 2012, the Cybermen of the Cyber Legions were the original Mondasian versions because, despite having the Cybus-style suits, they lacked the “C” logo on their chest. If so, the Cybus Industries Cybermen joined the Alliance and the Cybermen that have appeared since then (without the “C” logos) are the Mondasian models.
  • No fictional source has given a clarification, and the matter is made all the more complicated by the fact that the Cyber Legions Cybermen have displayed characteristics of both the Mondasian and Cybus Cybermen, as stated in the overview above.
  • The story which comes closest to giving any clarification is Assimilation², which initially features Cybermen with the Cybus logo but these are later changed to the logo displayed by those of the Cyber Legions and remains for the rest of the story. The use of the Cybus logo was likely an error. However, the comic also details an encounter between the Fourth Doctor and the original Cybermen which is said to be directly related to the comic’s main Cyber Legion threat, but at the same time the Cybus terms “Delete” and “Upgrade” are still used in the final issue, and Guinan also states that “different versions of Cybermen can be found in alternate universes.” Thus, the complete background of these Cybermen remains a mystery.


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