Revenge of the Cybermen / Sliver Nemesis DVD Set

Revenge of the Cybermen / Sliver Nemesis DVD

Revenge of the Cybermen / Sliver Nemesis DVD Set


Number of DVDs: 2
DVD Number: BBCDVD2854
Certification: PG
Duration:: 175 minutes


Revenge of the Cybermen

Revenge of the Cybermen cover

The Doctor, Sarah and Harry arrives on the Nerva Beacon, hoping to find the TARDIS waiting for them, instead the intrepid trio find a space station in the grip of a deadly plague that has wiped out most of its crew. But The Doctor soon comes to suspect that the ‘plague’ is no natural illness – and that some of his oldest and most fearsome foes are behind it.

The beacon has been set up to warn space traffic of a new satellite orbiting Jupiter, but one craft is taking no notice of the order to stay clear – a Cybership. The satellite is Voga, Planet of Gold, home to the seemingly harmless Vogans – but why are the Cybermen so determined to destroy it?

Without the TARDIS, The Doctor is unable to return Sarah and Harry to the 20th Century. But then Sarah falls victim to the mystery virus, and unless The Doctor can find a cure – quickly – she will never make it home at all

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Silver Nemesis

Silver Nemesis cover

Silver Nemesis begins in 1988 on 23rd November. Lady Peinforte and her loyal servant Richard have travelled from the year 1638 for this moment. Herr de Flores’ dreams of establishing the Fourth Reich rest on this point in time. The Cybermen’s planned invasion of Earth is scheduled for the same time.

The link between the three? The statue Nemesis, fashioned from validium – the living metal first made by Rassilon on Gallifrey and capable of bestowing the powerof life and death on any individual. Can The Doctor and Ace prevent its awesome power from falling into any of their evil hands?

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Special Features

Revenge of the Cybermen

  • Commentary by Elisabeth Sladen and David Collings, producer Philip Hinchcliffe.

  • ‘The Tin Man and the Witch’ – a look back at the making of the story, with director Michael E. Briant, incoming producer Philip Hinchcliffe

  • ‘Location Report’ – New Doctor Tom Baker is interviewed by BBC News on location at Wookey Hole during the location shoot for the story.

  • ‘Cheques, Lies and Videotape’ – in the days before official and DVD releases, Doctor Who fans had no option but to swap and trade episodes with other fans, often for extortionate sums of money. Featuring interviews with fans Jamie Wells, Paul Jones, Dave Hankinson, David Palfreyman, Alison Lawson and Damian Shanahan

Silver Nemesis

  • Commentary by Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred, director Chris Clough and script or Andrew Cartmel.

  • ‘Industrial Action’– cast and crew look back at the making of this story. With actors Sylvester McCoy, sophie Aldred and Gerard Murphy, director Chris Clough, writer Kevin Clarke, script or Andrew Cartmel, stunt arranger Nick Gillard and musician Courtney Pine.

  • Deleted and Extended Scenes.

  • Trails and Continuity – BBC1 trails and continuity announcements from the story’s original transmission.

  • Photo Gallery

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