The Curse of Peladon

The Curse of PeladonThe Curse of Peladon


“The spirit of Aggedor has risen again. The ancient curse of Peladon will be fulfilled!”

On its way back to Earth, the TARDIS crash lands on Peladon where strange and violent incidents are threatening to disrupt a conference between visiting delegates from the Galactic Federation and Peladon’s King. Is this the feared curse of Peladon and will it force a Galactic war?

Having assumed the guise of Earth delegates, The Doctor and his assistant Jo attempt to diffuse the political timebomb and to uncover the true indentity of the beast of Peladon – which they suspect is something far more sinister than a mere paranormal apparition…

The Doctor is amazed, however, to find among the delegates his old adversaries the Ice Warriors – war-like reptiles from the planet Mars. Could they be behind the goings-on and what they stand to profit from a conflict? The Doctor must use all of his wits to ensure that the warnings of Peladon’s High Priest do not come true.

Originally transmitted 29th January – 19th February 1972.

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The Curse of Peladon was the second story of season 9 and a The Monster of Peladonwould be a sequel

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