The Curse of Fenric

Curse of Fenric CD
The Curse of Fenric CD


An unabridged reading of a classic novelisation of the 1987 TV adventure featuring the Seventh Doctor and Ace.

The TARDIS brings The Doctor and Ace to 1943, and a British Naval camp in North Yorkshire.

Dr Judson is using the ULTIMA code-breaking machine to decipher the runic inscriptions at the nearby church; meanwhile Commander Millington is obsessed with his research into toxic bombs to hasten the end of World War Two. Nearby, an ancient evil stirs beneath the waters at Maidens Point.

What connects all of these to a thousand year old curse?




  • The Curse of Fenric episode guide
  • Ace and 7th Doctor profiles
  • his story was originally going to be titled The Wolves of Fenric (and before that, Wolf-Time). Fenric does refer to his servants as his “wolves” (and wolves have a strong link to Norse mythology). However, John Nathan-Turner felt that as the “wolves” connection was not revealed until quite late in the story, the title would not initially make any sense to the audience. It would appear that the change of story title came quite late in the day, as the Radio Times programme listing for Ghost Light part three bears the footnote “Next week a new story begins: ‘The Wolves of Fenric’ “.
  • Shooting on the serial went over-length to such a degree that consideration was briefly given to editing the story into five rather than four episodes. However, Ian Briggs strongly opposed this as he felt that the narrative flow would be badly disrupted.
  • The infant Audrey was portrayed by the son of the proprietors of The Bush Hotel on Shepherd’s Bush Green who was familiar to the production team as it was near the Doctor Who offices.


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