Planet of Fire


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Planet of Fire

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23 February 1984

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Regular Cast

Peter Davison (The Doctor), Mark Strickson (Turlough)

Guest Cast
Nicola Bryant (Peri), Peter Wyngarde (Timanov), Anthony Ainley (The Master), Barbara Shelley (Sorasta), James Bate (Amyand), Dallas Adams (Professor Howard Foster), Gerald Flood (Voice of Kamelion), Edward Highmore (Malkon), Jonathon Caplan (Roskal), Michael Bangerter (Curt) [1], Simon Sutton (Lookout) [1-2], Max Arthur (Zuko) [2], John Alkin (Lomand) [4].


Written by Peter Grimwade
Directed by Fiona Cumming
Produced by John Nathan Turner


A strange signal from Earth draws the TARDIS to the island of Lanzarote, where Turlough rescues a young American girl, Peri, from drowning. Among her possessions is an artefact bearing an alien symbol – the same triangular mark that Turlough has branded into his arm.

The mystery deepens when Kamelion falls under the control of a powerful mind, and the TARDIS travels to the volcanic world of Sarn. As Turlough is forced to face his past, the Fifth Doctor must stop his oldest enemy from harnessing the revitalising powers of Numismaton gas…


  1. Peri (Perpugilliam) Brown is a young American student. She is holidaying with her mother and archaeologist step father, Professor Howard Foster, on Lanzarote.
  2. Peri Brown finds and uses atelescopeon the slope of the volcano.
  3. Although Kamelion is now dead, a portion of his personality survived due to his interface with the TARDIS, which is eventually given a new form by an alien race — the Gelsandorans — as a second chance in The Ultimate Treasure.
  4. The Master has survived the fires of Sarn, but he is horribly burnt, and the Fifth Doctor and Peri encounter him trying to cure himself in A Town Called Eternity.
  5. The Master accidentally shrank himself while adjusting his Tissue Compression Eliminator.
  6. The departure of Turlough and the destruction of Kamelionmark the end of an almost seven year of stories featuring at least one non-human companion. It began with the introduction of the robot dog K9 Mark I in The Invisible Enemy in 1977. The other non-human companions who travelled with The Doctor in the interim were K9 Mark II, the first and second incarnations of Romana, Adric and Nyssa. Turlough and Kamelion would be the final non-human companions to appear in a televised Doctor Who story, until the guest reappearance of K9 Mark III in School Reunion in 2006.
  7. Radio Times incorrectly credits Nicola Bryant as “Perpugillian Brown” and Gerald Flood as “Voice of Kamelion“.
  8. In Shell Shock, it’s strongly implied that Howard sexually abused Peri when she was younger.

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