Louvre guide



Louvre guide

City of Death
Main Actor:
Pamela Stirling

A Louvre guide was working in the museum in 1979 when the Fourth Doctor and Romana II arrived. The guide was bringing a group of tourists to see the Mona Lisa and had to ask The Doctor to move out of the way so they could see it. This short event was repeated due to Scaroth’s time experiments.
The guide was present at the Louvre While the police were investigating the theft of the Mona Lisa, when The Doctor arrived and asked if she had seen two people (Romana and Duggan) last night trying to stop the painting from being stolen. However, the guide was unable to help and suggested The Doctor talk to the police. However, The Doctor left, saying he had the future of the human race to think about — a comment which left the guide somewhat puzzled. (City of Death)


  • In James Goss’s novelisation of the story, the guide is named as Madame Henriette. This was not derived from any information given in the televised version.

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