The Crusaders

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The CrusadeThe CrusadeThe CrusadeThe CrusadeThe CrusadeThe CrusadeThe CrusadeThe CrusadeThe Crusade
The CrusadeThe Crusade


Pages 160
ISBN 0-426-11316-0
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From unknown Space, the TARDIS returns to Earth, but not to the world Ian and Barbara know. The little blue telephone box has wheeled sharply in the cosmos and cut back through the pattern of history to the struggle between Richard the Lionheart and Saladin, Crusader v. Saracen.

When Barbara is captured by the Saracens and later kidnapped by the monstrous El Akir, Ian appeals to Richard for help, but despite having achieved a splendid victory over Saladin at Arsuf the English King has his own troubles and cannot assist him. So Ian sets out to rescue Barbara alone, while The Doctor becomes involved in court intrigues.

In a dramatic climax, Ian finds himself fighting for his life in the harsh, cruel world of the twelfth century, where only the cleverest and strongest survive.

Readers of Doctor Who’s adventure with the Daleks and Doctor Who and the Zarbi will find here all the excitement that made those books firm favourites with youngsters of all age groups.











  • Prologue
  1. Death in the Forest
  2. The Knight of Jaffa
  3. A New Scheherazade
  4. The Wheel of Fortune
  5. The Doctor in Discrace
  6. The Triumph of El Akir
  7. The Will of Allah
  8. Demons and Sorcerers


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