Crime of the Century

Crime of the Century
Crime of the Century

Regular Cast

Sylvester McCoy (The Doctor), Beth Chalmers (Raine Creevy), Ricky Groves (Markus Creevy), Derek Carlyle (Nikitin/Parvez), John Albasiny (Colonel Felnikov/Party Guest/Waiter), John Banks (Metatraxi/Walnuf/Gunman), Chris Porter (Sayf Udeen/Valentin)


The year is 1989. In London, safe cracker Raine Creevy breaks into a house – and finds more than the family jewels.
In the Middle East, the kingdom of Sayf Udeen is being terrorised by Soviet invaders and alien monsters.

And on the Scottish border, a highly guarded facility contains an advanced alien weapon.

These are all part of the Doctor’s masterplan. But masterplans can go awry…


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  • Crime of the Century is an audio play based upon a television story of the same name, which was not produced due to the series’ cancellation in 1990.
  • The Doctor claims that dolphins are “one of the few sentient species” on Earth.
  • Raine Creevy was delivered by The Doctor in the Soviet Union on 7 November 1967 (Thin Ice), almost twenty-two years before the events of this story. from The Doctor’s perspective, those events occurred immediately before his encounter with the adult Raine on 13 October 1989.
  • Ace mentions that she has previously had bad experiences in caves. (Dragonfire, Battlefield)

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