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Regular Cast

Matt Smith (The Doctor), Karen Gillan (Amy), Arthur Darvill (Rory)


Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by Richard Senior
Produced by Annabella Hurst-Brown


The Eleventh Doctor is doing repairs on the TARDIS with Rory Williams’ help, but thanks to Amy Pond they make a mistake that could leave them trapped in the TARDIS forever.


The other Amy reveals that she is from a few moments in the future, and is able to come into the current outer TARDIS because “the exterior shell of the TARDIS has drifted forwards in time”. The other Amy knows what to say and do because, from her perspective, she is repeating what she heard herself say earlier on. The Doctor sends the current Amy into the TARDIS within the current TARDIS, in order to maintain the timeline. The two Amys take a moment to flirt with each other before the current one departs, much to The Doctor’s exasperation. However, not long after the current Amy has left, Rory and Amy enter through the door of outer TARDIS explaining that The Doctor, from their perspective, has just sent them into the inner TARDIS. The current Doctor promptly sends the current Rory and the now-current Amy through the inner TARDIS. The Doctor then explains that he will set up a”controlled temporal implosion” in order to “reset the TARDIS”, but in order to do so he must know which lever to use on the control panel. Moments after he speaks, another Doctor enters through the outer TARDIS door and tells him to use”the wibbly lever”, which he quickly operates, then steps into the inner TARDIS to tell his past self which lever to use. The inner TARDIS dematerialises while the outer TARDIS (being the same TARDIS) does the same, and the Doctor assures Amy and Rory that they are now back in normal flight, and then advises Amy to put some trousers on.


  • The Doctor, when asked by Amy what he and Rory are doing, says they’re entering”conceptual space”, and then proceeds to compare it to a banana since they’re both curved – and then says it’s not like that at all.
  • Rory is handling thermocouplings.
  • The Doctor is using a garage creeper to work on the TARDIS console.
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