Creatures of the Antizone

Creatures of the Antizone

it Takes You Away

The Antizone was a bleak, scary place, full of strange, deadly creatures.

Fact title Fact data
Home Planet:
Darkness dwellers
First Appearance:
It Takes You Away

The purpose of the Antizone was to protect the structure of space-time. But the creatures that lived there were no brave guardians.

The Doctor and her friends reached the Antizone though a mirror portal where they met Ribbons – a sneaky, deceitful creature.

Also present were the Flesh Moths who would strip your flesh in seconds, leaving just bones in tattered clothing

According to the Thirteenth Doctor, an anti-zone was “a thing the universe [made] wherever the fabric of space/time [was] threatened”, acting as a protective buffer zone.
She entered one such anti-zone through a portal located in a mirror on Norway. That anti-zone separated the Doctor’s universe from the Solitract plane. (It Takes You Away)

Ribbons of the Seven Stomachs was a trader who met the Thirteenth Doctor, Yaz, and Graham in the anti-zone.
When the Doctor asked if he knew a human named Erik, Ribbons asked for her sonic as payment for his information and his lantern. Soon after, a swarm of Flesh moths came to feed on them. Ribbons tripped over and started being eaten by the moths. (It Takes You Away)

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