Creatures of the Antizone

It Takes You Away

The Antizone was a bleak, scary place, full of strange, deadly creatures.

Fact title Fact data
Home Planet:
Darkness dwellers
First Appearance:
It Takes You Away

The reason for the Antizone was to secure the structure of room time. In any case, the animals that lived there were no courageous gatekeepers.

The Doctor and her companions achieved the Antizone however a mirror entryway where they met Ribbons – a subtle, tricky animal.

Additionally present were the Flesh Moths who might strip your tissue right away, leaving just bones in worn out garments

As per the Thirteenth Doctor, an enemy of zone was “a thing the universe [made] wherever the texture of room/time [was] undermined”, going about as a defensive cushion zone.

She entered one such enemy of zone through an entryway situated in a mirror on Norway. That enemy of zone isolated the Doctor’s universe from the Solitract plane. (It Takes You Away)

Strips of the Seven Stomachs was a broker who met the Thirteenth Doctor, Yaz, and Graham in the counter zone.

At the point when the Doctor inquired as to whether he realized a human named Erik, Ribbons requested her sonic as installment for his data and his lamp. Before long, a swarm of Flesh moths came to benefit from them. Strips stumbled over and began being eaten by the moths. (It Takes You Away)

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