Corporal Palmer

The Three Doctors



Corporal Palmer



Place of Origin:


First Seen In:

The Three Doctors


Shadow In The Glass

Main Actor:

Denys Palmer


Corporal Palmer was a UNIT soldier who served under Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. He was seconded to UNIT during The Master’s attempt to take control of Kronos using TOMTIT. (The Time Monster, The Shadow in the Glass)

He defended UNIT HQ from Omega’s Gell guards. He witnessed the disappearance of UNIT HQ when Omega’s time-bridge stop the building to capture the TARDIS. (The Three Doctors)

By 2001, he had been promoted to Colonel and was a prominent figure in UNIT’s UK branch. He asked for the Brigadier’s insight into strange imps surrounding the village of Turelhampton, witnessed by Claire Aldwych, resulting in the Brigadier, Claire and the Sixth Doctor exposing a branch of the Fourth Reich led by Adolf Hitler’s son. (The Shadow in the Glass)

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