The Catalyst

The Catalyst

The Catalyst

Regular Cast

Louise Jameson (Leela), Timothy Watson (the Z’nai)


The pride of the Z’nai matches that of Leela of the Sevateem. Why would The Doctor imprison one in such an unlikely place, and what terrors will be brought about by letting it loose?



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  • The Catalyst was the eighth release in the Companion Chronicles audio range.
  • The Tro’faroom, which was built by the ancient founders of the Sevateem on their planet, is a corruption of “Trophy Room.”
  • Leela believes that The Doctor may have viewed her as a kindred spirit given that he rejected the customs of the Time Lords in the same manner as Leela rejected the customs of the Sevateem.
  • This story strongly implies that Leela survived the Last Great Time War.
  • Chronologically, this is the earliest Big Finish audio drama to feature the Fourth Doctor.
  • This audio drama was recorded on 3 June 2007.
  • Leela mentions being cast out from the Sevateem for blaspheming against Xoanon. (The Face of Evil)
  • Fourth Doctor once again observes, “Where there’s life, there’s hope.” (Planet of the Spiders)

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