The Anachronauts

The Anachronauts

The Anachronauts

Regular Cast

Jean Marsh (Sara Kingdom), Peter Purves (Steven Taylor)


An experimental timeship smashes into the TARDIS, and the crews of both ships wake up on a desert island. Has the TARDIS been destroyed? And why doesn’t The Doctor want to escape?

Then, Steven and Sara find themselves on the wrong side of the Berlin Wall in 1966. And theironly way back to the TARDIS is to betray The Doctor.



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  • The Anachronauts was the fifty-first release in the Companion Chronicles audio range.
  • Reflecting on these events, Steven commented that he and Sara were fast becoming friends over the course of their travels and that their relationship might have developed further if Sara had survived.
  • Natalie Lang is the captain of the time travel test vessel Hank Morgan IV. The Doctor tells Steven and Sara that she and her crew may be the first humans to travel through time using their own technology.
  • The crew of the Hank Morgan IV are from a time far in the future when the 40th century is considered the distant past. In their time, humanity is at war with a species called the Wall of Noise.
  • Sara is under the impression that Liverpool is a planet.
  • Sara refers to the death of her brother Bret Vyon, for which she was responsible. (The Daleks’ Master Plan)
  • Steven tells Natalie Lang that Earth was fighting a war at the time that he met The Doctoron Mechanus. (The Chase)
  • Steven tells the Stasi that Pluto is not a planet.

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