Shadow of the Past

Shadow of the Past
Shadow of the Past

Regular Cast

Caroline John (Liz Shaw), Lex Shrapnel (Marshall)


There’s a secret locked up in UNIT’s Vault 75-73/Whitehall. Dr Elizabeth Shaw is the only one left who knows what that secret is.

Returning to UNIT for the first time in decades, she slowly unravels the past. The vault contains the remains of a spaceship that crashed in the Pennines in the seventies.

For the young Liz Shaw, the priority is to ensure the thing’s safe. But The Doctor is more concerned about the alien pilot. And the chance this ship offers for escape. Can he resist the temptation, or will The Doctor turn on his friends?


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  • Shadow of the Past was the twenty-ninth release in the Companion Chronicles audio range.
  • This audio drama was recorded on 11 August 2009.
  • The older Liz telling the story is aware that there are “half a dozen” other incarnations of the Doctorwhich followed”hers”.
  • The Doctor and the Brigadier are still not back on good terms after the bombing of the Silurian base on Wenley Moor (The Silurians)
  • Liz comments that her dissatisfaction with her role in UNIT arose because she felt all she had to do was tell The Doctor he was brilliant and pass him his test tubes. She later told the Brigadier this, because he used this to convince The Doctor to accept Jo Grant as his new assistant in Terror of the Autons.
  • The Doctor is said to still be deeply offended at being imprisoned on Earth. (Spearhead from Space)

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