The Glorious Revolution

The Glorious Revolution

The Glorious Revolution

Regular Cast

Frazer Hines (Jamie), Andrew Fettes (The Visitor/King James II)


After years as a companion to the Second Doctor, Jamie McCrimmon was returned to his own world and his own time, and his memories of his travels were erased. Until now.

A visitor from beyond the stars needs to explore Jamie’s past, and discover what went wrong. What happened in the year 1688, when the TARDIS landed in London, and the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe were welcomed into the court of King James II.

It was the year of the Glorious Revolution. And the birth of a whole new history



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  • The Glorious Revolution was the twenty-second release in the Companion Chronicles audio range
  • In the alternative timeline briefly created by Jamie in this story, the Glorious Revolution was a failure and James II retained the throne until his death. Consequently, the Jacobite Risings and the Battle of Culloden never took place. James II’s grandson Charles Edward Stuart, better known as Bonnie Prince Charlie, eventually ascended to the throne as Charles III. He was still the reigning monarch in 1788. As the Young Pretender died on January 31, 1788 in real life, this suggests that this audio drama’s frame story may take place in January 1788. However, it is possible that he lived longer in the alternative timeline than in real history.
  • The scene in which Jamie begins to fade from existence to the point where his hand becomes transparent is highly reminiscent of a scene in the 1985 science fiction comedy film Back to the Future in which the same fate befalls its protagonist, Marty McFly.
  • This audio drama was recorded on 5 March 2009.
  • The Nemesis statue entered orbit around Earth on 23 November 1688, several weeks after the events of this story, as it did on that date once every 25 years from 1638 to 1988. It is possible that the passage of the Nemesis statue may have heralded the outbreak of the Glorious Revolution. (Silver Nemesis)
  • For Jamie recounting the story, The Glorious Revolution occurs 42 years after he was returned to his native era by the Time Lords in The War Games.

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