The Stealers from Saiph

The Stealers from Saiph

The Stealers from Saiph

Regular Cast

Mary Tamm (Romana)


A new adventure with the Fourth Doctor as told by his companion, Romana.

It’s 1929, and the TARDIS crew is holidaying in Antibes. While The Doctor practises his painting, Romana attempts to fend off the playful advances of young Tommy Creighton. All is peaceful and idyllic except for the portentous warning of astrologer Madame Arcana, and the fact that personal items are being stolen from the hotel’s guests.

What is the secret of the cave on the beach? And why do some of Romana’s new acquaintances suddenly behave so strangely? As her newfound socialite existence suddenly takes a turn into danger, Romana finds that the whole planet Earth is faced with a deadly threat.



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  • The Stealers from Saiph was a 2009 audio play by Big Finish Productions
  • While in Antibes, Romana decides to study Terran fauna.
  • Romana states that she is still working on her dissertation about the Fourth Doctor. (The Ribos Operation)
  • Romana is invited to Charleston by Tommy but she declines.
  • Romana compares the Merranean Sea to the Tertiary Tranquility of Kandalinga.
  • Madame Arcana drinks gin fizzes to excess.
  • According to The Doctor and Romana, there has been no unusual stellar activity in Earth’s part of the galactic quadrant since the Great Comet of 1800. The comet appeared over Antibes in that year. The local peasants believed that it foretold of the end of the world.
  • Tommy Creighton is attracted to Romana but she is uninterested. Similarly, Madame Arcana is attracted to Fourth Doctor. However, he tells Romana that she is”much too young for [him].”
  • Binky Blaine was reading a copy of Agatha Christie’s latest novel but it was stolen from his room.
  • Lady Darlington’s two brothers were killed in the Great War.

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