The Transit of Venus

The Transit of Venus

The Transit of Venus

Regular Cast

William Russell (Ian Chesterton), Ian Hallard (Joseph Banks)


The year is 1770, and daring explorer Captain James Cook and his crew on the Endeavour are navigating the Pacific Ocean.

Into their midst come strangers: The Doctor and Ian Chesterton, who are believed to have come from Venus. But the TARDIS is lost to them – along with both Susan and Barbara – and Ian makes an enemy of the ship’s chief scientist, Joseph Banks.

Why is Banks acting strangely? Could it be that the travellers are not the only visitors from the stars?


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  • The Transit of Venus was the fifteenth release in the Companion Chronicles audio range.
  • This audio drama was recorded on 3 November 2008.
  • This was the first time that William Russell reprised his role as Ian Chesterton in a Big Finish audio drama
  • The story has the prerequisites to be considered a Historical story: no prominent science fiction elements outside of the TARDIS and the main characters. However the conflict in this story is indirectly caused by the telepathic abilities of the Sensorites and the effects they have on the TARDIS crew being carried over from that story to this one.
  • Several mentions are made of the Sense Sphere and of the telepathic enhancement that Susan experienced there. (The Sensorites) This story takes place immediately after that one, with The Doctor preparing to throw Ian and Barbara out of the TARDIS the next place they land.

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