The Darkening Eye

The Darkening Eye

The Darkening Eye

Regular Cast

Sarah Sutton (Nyssa), Derek Carlyle (The Dar Traders)


A new adventure with the Fifth Doctor as told by his companion, Nyssa.

While investigating a debris-littered battlefield in deep space, the TARDIS crew are salvaged by an ancient race of collectors known as Dar Traders.

Separated from The Doctor after an accident, Adric, Tegan and Nyssa find themselves at the mercy of the Traders’ curiosity. But the Traders have salvaged a cabinet from the battle that could be very dangerous indeed.

What does the suave assassin, Damasin Hyde, know of the cabinet? And why is everybody so interested in the missing Time Lord?

To find The Doctor, the TARDIS crew will have to enter a violent inter-planetary war. Where someone will die, and it will change everything.

Written by: Stewart Sheargold

Directed by: Ken Bentley



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  • The Darkening Eye was the sixth story in the third series of the Companion Chronicles.
  • Nyssa states that she was familiar with the theory of dimensionally transcendentalism before travelling with The Doctor and claims that she may have understood it better than <5thdoctorpage">Fifth Doctor” href=”5thdoctorpage”>The Doctorat times.
  • The previous night, Nyssa had a nightmare about being strangled by a man dressed in black.
  • The Dar Traders, who not only trade but consume the dead, have no jurisdiction over the living.
  • Nyssa mentions her suffering from Lazar’s disease and her departure from the TARDIS. (Terminus)
  • Nyssa refers to the destruction of Traken by The Master in 1981. (Logopolis)
  • The Dar Trader states that death follows Adric closely. (Earthshock)
  • Adric reminds Nyssathat Alzarians are able to heal faster than other species. (The Visitation)
  • Nyssa mentions The Master stealing her father Tremas’ body. (The Keeper of Traken)

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