The Doll of Death

The Doll of Death

The Doll of Death

Regular Cast

Katy Manning (Jo Grant), Jane Goddard (Mrs Killebrew)


A new adventure with the Third Doctor as told by his companion, Jo Grant.

“Retrocausation! Events before their cause. Time in reverse.”

While investigating a temporal anomaly in Central London, The Doctor and Jo Grant meet Professor Harold Saunders, a man who possesses an unstable alien artefact, and who is seemingly haunted by the ghosts of dolls.

Who is the mysterious Mrs Killebrew? Why is a pack of hounds hunting them in reverse? And can Jo pick up any bargains While backwards shopping on Oxford Street?


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  • The Doll of Death was the eleventh release in the Companion Chronicles audio range
  • Jo is concerned about her husband Clifford Jones’ blood pressure.
  • Jo is staying in a London hotel as she is attending a climate conference.
  • Cliff has gained a professorship and has been given an MBE.
  • According to Jo, alien invasions always seemed to occuron Fridays.
  • Mike Yates refers to Jo as “Jemima Bond, Licence to Spill.”
  • Jo was 18 years old when she began working for UNIT.
  • Jo describes The Doctor as a”whirlwind in a frilly shirt.”
  • In the National Museum, The Doctor indicates an Egyptian mummy to Jo, claiming that he knew the person in question in life.
  • This was the first time that Katy Manning had reprised her role as Jo Grant since her departure in The Green Death in 1973.
  • This is the first appearance of the Doctor’s car Bessie in an audio drama.
  • This audio drama was recorded on 23 May 2008.
  • Jo refers to being hypnotised by The Master. (Terror of the Autons)

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