The Apocalypse Mirror

The Apocalypse Mirror

The Apocalypse Mirror

Regular Cast

Frazer Hines (Jamie McCrimmon), Wendy Padbury (Zoe Heriot)


The TARDIS lands in the city of Tromesis on Earth – but it’s a world far from the one that The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe recognise.

The buildings are ruined, the streets deserted. And against the devastation they see a ghostly mirror image of another place – the city as it was before disaster hit.

People vanish here, and huge metal birds attack from the sky.

Can The Doctor find the future, in a place that doesn’t have one?


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  • The Apocalypse Mirror was the sixty-seventh release in the Companion Chronicles audio range
  • The Doctor plays “keepy-uppy” with a football. His all-time record is five. However, the football hits the TARDIS’ control console and fractures the harmonic resonator.
  • Tromesis is located in what was once Switzerland. It was built during the First World Flood. The Second World Flood was far worse and devastated much of Earth.
  • The World Floods were predicted in the late 21st century but the scale of the devastation was not anticipated.
  • Zoe refers to Space Station W3’s x-ray laser. (The Wheel in Space)
  • Jamie recalls seeing Earth from the surface of the Moon in 2070 and that Ben Jackson and Polly Wright had to explain to him what it was. (The Moonbase)

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