A Town Called Fortune

A Town Called Fortune

Regular Cast

Maggie Stables (Evelyn Smythe), Richard Cordery (Sam)


“Wanted dead or alive for the murder of… William Donovan!”

Problems beset The Doctor and Evelyn Smythe as they travel by train to the Wild West town of Fortune. A young woman is investigating the murder of her father nine years earlier, and a wanted poster indicates that The Doctor is the killer!

With the TARDIS lost to them and the law on their tail, can the travellers unravel the mystery – or will Rachel Ann Donovan take her revenge first?


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  • A Town Called Fortune was the thirty-seventh release in the Companion Chronicles audio range. It was the fifth story of season 5. It was written by Paul Sutton and featured Evelyn Smythe.
  • Evelyn complains to The Doctor that, because of him, she is making a habit of jumping from trains.
  • The Doctor previously visited the Wild West in The Gunfighters and would later do so again in Peacemaker and A Town Called Mercy.
  • After Solitaire featuring the Eighth Doctor’s companion Charley Pollard, this is the second Companion Chronicle to star a companion created by Big Finish Productions.
  • This audio drama was recorded on 16 March 2010.

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