Colony in Space

Colony in Space

Colony In Space DVD


Number of DVDs: 2
DVD Number: BBCDVD3381
Certification: PG
Duration: 146 minutes


The Time Lords discover that the Master has stolen secret files revealing the location of the dreaded Doomsday Weapon. They summon The Doctorout of his exile on Earth and send him five centuries into the future to the planet Uxarieus to retrieve and safeguard this vital information.

Arriving on Uxarieus, The Doctor and Jo encounter a group of Earth colonists whose very existence is under threat due to failing crops and low morale. Representatives of the ruthless Interplanetary Mining Corporation are disputing the colonists’ claim to the planet.

Theironly hope is placed on the imminent arrival of an Adjudicator from Earth to resolve the dispute. Meanwhile, The Doctor pursues his mission, but first he must deal with giant lizards, killer robots, and deadly primitive tribesmen – knowing all the while that the Master cannot be far away.

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Special Features

  • Commentary by Katy Manning (Jo Grant), Bernard Kay (Caldwell), Morris Perry (Dent), plus Michael Briant (director), Terrance Dicks (script or), and Graeme Harper (assistant floor manager), moderated by Toby Hadoke
  • ‘IMC Needs You!’ – documentary on the making of the story, featuring Katy Manning, Bernard Kay, Michael Briant, Graeme Harper, plus producer Barry Letts.
  • ‘From the Cutting Room Floor’ – producer Barry Letts and vision mixer Mike Catherwood talk about the art of vision mixing on a multi-camera studio show like Doctor Who.
  • coming soon to DVD Trailer
  • Photo Gallery – production, design and publicity photos from the story. f first seeing it, aged six. With psychologist Dr. Sarita Robinson, Nicholas Briggs and Ben Aaronovitch.

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