Colony In Space

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The Doomsday Weapon

The Doomsday Weapon


Pages 166
ISBN  0-426-10372-6
Publication date

27 March 1974




The evil MASTER has stolen the Time Lords‘ file on the horrifying DOOMSDAY WEAPON with which, when he finds it, he can blast whole planets out of existence and make himself ruler of the Galaxy!

The Time Lords direct DOCTOR WHO and Jo Grant in TARDIS to a bleak planet in the year 2471 where they find colonists from Earth under threat from mysterious, savage, monster lizards with frightful claws! And hidden upon this planet is the DOOMSDAY WEAPON for which the MASTER is intently searching …



  1. A Missing Secret
  2. Into Time and Space
  3. The Planet
  4. The Monster
  5. Starvation
  6. The Survivor
  7. The Robot
  8. The Men from IMC
  9. The Spy
  10. The Claw
  11. Face-to-face
  12. The Bomb
  13. The Attack
  14. The Adjudicator
  15. Primitive City
  16. The Ambush
  17. Captain Dent Thinks Twice
  18. The Master’s TARDIS
  19. The Return of Captain Dent
  20. The Doomsday Weapon
  21. Mission Completed


  • Both Jo Grant and The Master are given new introductions, with Grant in particular described as joining The Doctor for the first time, despite several earlier stories featuring her. As one of the first releases in the Target Books series, there was no expectation that all stories would eventually be adapted. Once the earlier stories had been novelised, no attempt was made at revising The Doomsday Weapon, creating a continuity hiccough for those reading the novelisations in chronological order.
  • The concrete Earth that the colonists had left is expanded upon – there are people with blue hair, moving pavements, metric units, lifts that took the people in the underground for sunshine treats or walk treats and folk tales of Drahvins, Monoids, Daleks and Silurians.
  • It is described how the colonists met back on Earth.
  • IMC’s robot is humanoid and named Charlie.
  • The Keeper of the Time Lord files retells the story of The War Games.
  • The Doctor organises a funeral for the Leesons.
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