Colonel Faraday

The Android Invasion



Colonel Faraday



Place of Origin:



The Android Invasion

Main Actor:

Patrick Newell


Colonel Faraday was the UNIT officer in charge of the Devesham Space Defence Station While Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart was away in Geneva. The Kraals made an android duplicate of him, as well as Harry Sullivan.

When Faraday and Harry went to the XK-5 space freighter to meet up with Guy Crayford, they were captured by Styggron and replaced by their android replicas which The Doctor later deactivated.

The real Faraday and Harry were freed by Sarah Jane Smith, and subsequently witnessed Styggron’s death from the Kraal virus after the Fourth Doctor turned the android replica of himself against the Kraal scientist. (The Android Invasion)

During the Kraals’ second attempted invasion of Earth in 1979, Faraday was in Switzerland. (The Oseidon Adventure)

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