The Colin Baker Years

The Colin Baker Years
The Colin Baker Years


“I am The Doctor whether you like it or not.”

Following his first appearance as The Doctor in the The Caves of Androzani on 16th March 1984, Colin Baker became the sixth actor to step into the role as Gallifrey’s most famous son. Characterised by his dazzling attire and rather wry humour, this Doctor was to prove slightly inaccessible and rather unpredictable, cast perhaps in the mode of William Hartnell’s Time Lord. On this special video, Colin Baker himself recalls the Colin Baker Years, revealing some of his own favourite memories and clips from the period including…

~ His first ever rather “arch” appearance in the programme as Commander Maxil in Arc of Infinity
~ The news announcement of his appointment to the role with his Breakfast Time and Blue Peter appearances
~ 5 clips from The Twin Dilemma, his first full adventure as The Doctor
~ 4 excerpts from Attack of the Cybermen including a glimpse of Tony”Davros” Molloy
~Clips from Vengeance on Varos, Mark of the Rani and The Two Doctors
~ The news announcement of the programme’s 18 month rest period
~ 2 excerpts from Timelash including Paul Darrow’s appearance on the programme
~ Footage from The Doctor Who exhibition in Blackpool in November 1985
~ 3 clips from Trial of a Time Lord
~ Colin recalling filming memories of a pudding-eating competition with Joan Sims and Tony Selby!
~ Scenes from Mindwarp and Terror of the Vervoids, the latter introducing Bonnie Langford as The Doctor’s new assistant
~Footage from Colin’s appearance on Jim’ll Fix It, his new series – The Stranger, plus the truth behind his sudden departure from the programme including that “faked” regeneration scene

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Colin Baker was the 6th Doctor from 1984-1986 – his stories are continuing with Big Finish

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