Regular Cast

Sylvester McCoy (The Doctor), sophie Aldred (Ace), Tracey Childs (Klein), David Tennant (Feldwebel Kurtz), Toby Longworth (Hauptmann Julius Schäfer), Nicholas Young (Flying officer Bill Gower), Peter Rae (Timothy Wilkins), Neil Corry (Prisoner / Guard)


The TARDIS arrives in the land of the Danes, where a young warrior seeks to rid the kingdom of Hrothgar from a cruel and terrifying demon. The brave young warrior is Beowulf, the monster is Grendel… or so his name will one day be written.

But what’s written down in black and white is sometimes very far from the truth – as The Doctor knows, and his companions are about to discover.



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  • Colditz was the twenty-fifth monthly Doctor Who audio story produced by Big Finish Productions
  • The Doctor is shot in the shoulder. The bullet works its way out of his body overnight.
  • Ace later decided to begin using that name again after visiting Ibiza in May 1997. (The Rapture)
  • The Doctor would later tell his companion Charley Pollard about his escape from Colditz Castle. (Zagreus)
  • The character Feldwebel Kurtz is played by David Tennant, who portrayed the Tenth Doctor in the BBC Wales series from 2005 to 2010. This was the first time that he had a role in Doctor Who in any medium, he would play a numberof roles for Big Finish before eventually landing his role as The Doctor in 2005.

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