Partners In Crime




Main Aliases:

Miss Foster





First Seen In:

Partners in Crime


Monster File: Adipose

Main Actor:

Sarah Lancashire

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Partners In Crime


Cofelia, undercover on Earth as “Miss Foster”, was a Matron, an outer space “super nanny”, of the Five-Straighten Classabindi Nursery Fleet, Intergalactic Class in the early 21st century.
Matron Cofelia was employed by the Adiposian First Family to breed a new generation after their breeding planet was “lost”.

Cofelia travelled across the galaxy to find obesity on a great scale, which led her to Earth. Disguised as a human, she headed Adipose Industries, which produced a drug that claimed to attract human fat cells and flush them. In reality, the pill attracted the fat and transformed it into an Adipose body. However, this was deemed illegal by the Shadow Proclamation. Seeding a level 5 planet, such as Earth, was against Galactic Law. Circa 2009, she activated her drug, using the power of the molecules in human bodies that were supposed to make the people lose weight.

Cofelia under her alias of Miss Foster was caught on CC entering the industries. It was subsequently documented by Captain Jack Harkness when researching the Adipose. (Monster File: Adipose)

After the Adipose young were galvanised, they removed themselves from human flesh and waited to be collected by Cofelia. When the Tenth Doctor interfered with her plans, she was stopped from killing one million humans in the birth of one million Adipose. Instead, they all survived and the March of the Adipose had only ten thousand young.

A nursery ship arrived and beamed the Adipose on board, but the First Family knew what they were doing was illegal. They chose to rid themselves of their accomplice, Cofelia. After the Adipose were beamed up, The Doctor and Donna tried to persuade Cofelia to get away when she was in the beam. However, she did not listen. Eventually, the beam switched off and she fell to her death. (Partners in Crime).


In a parallel world where London was destroyed, the Adipose births happened successfully at the cost of sixty million human lives in the United States. (Turn Left)


Cofelia had a sonic pen, which when capped, resembled a sleek fountain pen. This was taken and used by the Tenth Doctor. He threw it into a rubbish bin following her death. (Partners in Crime)


At all times, the Matron remained very calm, even when being arrogant or cruel. Cofelia looked threatened when The Doctor warned her about possible consequences to her actions, but retained her poise. She was very proud of her profession as nanny to the Adipose, and seemed to care about the Adipose. In the end, Matron Cofelia’s arrogance and pride betrayed her when she was killed by her employers.
When Donna and Penny were hiding in the toilets, Miss Foster stated that she was “not a patient woman”. (Partners in Crime)


In early drafts of the script for (Partners in Crime), Cofelia used the alias of “Miss Rattigan”. The name Rattigan was later used as the surname for Luke Rattigan, an antagonist in The Sontaran Stratagem / The Poison Sky later in Series 4.

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