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Invasion of the Bane

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The Man that Never Was

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Daniel Anthony

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Clyde Langer (born 5 June 1994) was a classmate of Maria Jackson, Luke Smith and Rani Chandra at Park Vale Comprehensive School. He joined them on adventures with Sarah Jane Smith.


Clyde’s father, Paul, walked out on Clyde and his mother when Clyde was young. Paul ran off with his mother’s sister. Clyde blamed his mum and acted up at school, getting him expelled. (Warriors of Kudlak, The Mark of the Berserker)


At around age fourteen, Clyde met and befriended Maria and Luke on his first day at Park Vale School. He considered himself one of the “cool kids”. Clyde had a rebellious streak and disliked the school dinners as the food was rotten due to a Slitheen machine in the school. The next day he brought a home-made chip sandwich to school. The science teacher, a Slitheen in disguise, had a negative reaction to the vinegar in the sandwich, vinegar was the Raxacoric ofallapatorian’s weakness. After school the teacher unmasked himself as an alien and chased Maria and Clyde. Clyde sprayed deodorant to confuse the Raxacoric ofallapatorian’s advanced sense of smell. After meeting Sarah Jane Smith, he helped defeat the Slitheen, despite Sarah Jane’s initial reluctance to let him get involved. In the aftermath, Clyde decided to join the others in fighting evil aliens and to tutor Luke in the ways of “coolness”. In contrast to the others, Clyde showed no moral qualms about the Slitheen being killed – “They were going to kill billions of people, I dunno what the big dilemma was”. (Revenge of the Slitheen)


His grandmother, who knew Mrs. Randall, and lived at Lavender Lawns, tipped him off that there was something strange happening there. The claims she made were true. The manager, Mrs. Gribbins, was in league with a Gorgon. (Eye of the Gorgon)

Luke and he went to a laser tag centre, where they were teleported to General Kudlak’s battle station they met others kids who had gone missing due to winning a Combat 3000 game. He got home safely with Sarah Jane’s help. (Warriors of Kudlak)

When the Slitheen took Luke away, Clyde bunked off school to visit him, but got the door slammed into his face along with a photo. Convinced it was a fake, Clyde took it to Mr Smith, who confirmed that Mr Smith had faked the photo himself, and who then zapped Clyde into the computer. While there, he contacted Alan Jackson via his laptop and warned him, allowing Alan to run over and save Sarah Jane’s and Maria’s lives. He was released just before Mr Smith was defeated (The Lost Boy)

Clyde was with his mother during Earth’s transportation to the Medusa Cascade and its subsequent invasion by the Daleks. (The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End)

He helped Sarah Jane in further adventures such as against the Sontaran Commander Kaagh. (The Last Sontaran)


Clyde helped defeat Androvax and stop him from destroying Earth with Nan oforms. (Prisoner of the Judoon).

When Sarah Jane announced her wedding to Peter Dalton, Clyde thought she was rushing and was determined to find a flaw in Peter. He was teleported with Luke, Rani and The Doctor who crashed the wedding, into a time trap.

Thanks to the TARDIS, he fought the Trickster to exhaustion before collapsing himself. His weakened condition helped Sarah Jane convince Peter to withdraw from the Trickster’s agreement, making the Trickster explode. Clyde later got to take a look inside the TARDIS when The Doctor came to Bannerman Road. (The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith) Clyde also assisted in defeating Erasmus Darkening. (The Eternity Trap).

Luke secretly entered one of Clyde’s paintings in an art contest. The painting won first prize, earning their class a trip to the International Gallery to see the Mona Lisa, which made Mr. Chandra treat Clyde more warmly.

Though initially embarrassed, Clyde realised that he had a real talent for art, a talent that would help defeat the Mona Lisa when she came to life. (Mona Lisa’s Revenge)

Clyde was present when the Slitheen-Blathereen arrived, posing as benevolent Blathereen, to help stop two of the Slitheen. Clyde was suspicious of their gift of Rakweed. Before leaving Sarah Jane’s house that night, he borrowed K9 to help him cheat in an exam. By then, the Rakweed had spread across London, threatening all the residents. Clyde and Rani discovered that the sound of a school bell could destroy the Rakweed and had K9 send Mr. Smith the frequency. On their return to the attic, the group were confronted by the Slitheen-Blathereen, who revealed their true identities and prepared to attack. Sarah Jane had Mr. Smith replicate the sound of the school bell, destroying the Rakweed in their stomachs. This created a lethal build-up of methane, causing them to, as Clyde put it:”fart themselves to death”, The entire attic was covered with their slimey remains. Sarah Jane had Clyde clean up the mess as punishment for using K9 to cheat. (The Gift)


When it was established that Luke would be leaving for University one yearearly, Clyde was distant to him but threw a party at Park Vale to show that they were still best friends. After defeating the Nightmare Man, Luke parted from Clyde when he left for Oxford. (The Nightmare Man)
Clyde, Sarah Jane and Rani helped Androvax save his species, and, with the help of Mister Dread, stop the Earth from being destroyed. (The Vault of Secrets)

When Sarah Jane was given news of the Doctor’s death by UNIT, Clyde thought she was in denial over accepting his death. He soon discovered that The Doctor was in fact still alive when he overheard the Shansheeth formulating their plan, and later switched places with the Eleventh Doctor himself through residual artron energy from their first encounter. Clyde was returned to Earth and helped remind Sarah Jane of all of their adventures, causing the Shansheeth’s memory weave to explode. (Death of the Doctor)
Clyde and Rani were the only two humans left on Earth by the Automatons (they had been grounded by the Judoon). They found Gavin, who did not know he was an alien. He was protected by a Bio damper which, when removed, allowed the Automatons to find him and return him home, but not before he pronounced the duo Lord Clyde and Lady Rani and ordered the return of the human race. (The Empty Planet)

The Shopkeeper sent Clyde back to 7 June 1941 in search of an item called Chronosteel to repair the tapestry of time.
Assisted by a boy called George Woods he escaped capture by a group of Nazis. He was able to gain the object, a Nazi device, then reappeared in his home time after bidding George farewell. His Chronosteel, along with Rani’s and Sarah Jane’s saved the world. Clyde later did some research on George, learning he was 83 years old and very recently knighted by Elizabeth II. (Lost in Time)
The gang met Ruby White, another alien hunter. They befriended her, but the next day received a message from Sarah Jane saying she was moving away. Clyde was very upset because it felt like his dad leaving him. Mr Smith tried to warn Clyde that Ruby was evil and was holding Sarah Jane captive, but Ruby captured Clyde as well and left him in an airless prison ship in orbit to suffocate. Clyde left a message on his phone in case he didn’t make it, but he was teleported back to the attic by K9. Ruby was a Qetesh with a seperate stomach, which swelled and then shrank when she absorbed too many emotions and was, as Clyde put it, “super sized”. Clyde went closer to the shrunken organ and commented that it hadn’t exploded, only for it to splatter him with purple slime. (Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith)


In 2011, Clyde was of course very surprised by the fact Sarah Jane had a baby one day, called Sky, which caused power fluctuations around Bannerman Road. He had to babysit but was attacked by a supposed meteor. He was saved by the child’s mother, Miss Myers, and taken to a power plant where he escaped, met up with Sarah Jane and Rani and saw Sky’s transformation from baby to pre-teen. He and Rani deactivated the core of the power station, preventing the entire Metalkind species from being brought to Earth that would have caused Sky to detonate and destroy them all, as per her purpose. When Miss Myers and the Metalkind had left Earth at the supposed cost of Sky’s electrical powers, the gang returned to Bannerman Road where Clyde and Rani saw that Sky had not fully lost her abilities. (Sky)

Clyde was put under a curse by Hetocumtek after he caught a splinter from the alien’s totem pole. Everyone who said or saw his name turned against him. The police were called on him and he was left on the streets of London. He met Ellie Faber, a homeless teenager whom he had given some change to the previous day. He made up an alias “Enrico Box” so he would not be turned on again. He learned of the “Night Dragon” which took homeless people. He became close with Ellie while back at Bannerman Road. Sky, who was immune to the curse as she wasn’t human, had urged Sarah Jane and Rani to break the curse by saying Clyde’s name until they remembered what he meant to them. Clyde drew a portrait of Ellie and she kissed him. She went to get them a coffee and a moment later Sarah Jane, Rani and Sky found him.

They embraced Clyde and took him back to the attic where he defeated and destroyed the totem pole by shouting his name at it. With the curse lifted, Clyde reconciled with his mother and tried to find Ellie to no avail. He found out that her name wasn’t actually Ellie but she got it from a poster like Clyde got “Enrico Box” from a pizza box. One of Ellie’s acquaintances, Max, told him that she had been taken by the Night Dragon which was actually a haulage truck that went around Europe. The homeless people in the area went on it to get a second chance. Clyde kept the portrait of Ellie. He would never forget her. (The Curse of Clyde Langer)

As she was one of the top three journalists in the United Kingdom, Sarah Jane had been invited to the rehearsal of the launch of the SerfBoard by Joseph Serf. She took Sky and Luke who had just come back from university. Sarah Jane found out through Mr Smith that the real Serf had died in a skiing accident in 2007. She organised an interview with the hologram Serf while Clyde, Rani and Mr Smith analysed a Serf Board finding it to be nothing more than a low standard computer. Luke and Sky used K9’s whistle to alert Clyde and Rani via Mr Smith to get the pen Harrison was using to torture the Skullion slaves he forced to control Serf.

Clyde and Rani arrived at the launch in disguise and managed to retrieve Harrison’s pen. Luke and Sky took control of Serf whilst Sarah Jane and her new friend Adriana took the Skullions to the roof of the building. Mr Smith had alerted the Skullion species to send a spaceship to Earth to pick up the Skullions. Harrison took his pen back and began to kill the Skullions, Luke and Sky used Serf to hypnotise the audience at the launch to destroy Harrison’s pen which they did. He told Clyde and Rani to go to the roof where a Skullion spaceship appeared and took the freed Skullions home. Harrison had also been beamed up by the Skullion spaceship, where Luke hoped that the Skullions would put him to work. Sarah Jane gave Adriana a card for UNIT saying that Adriana was just what they needed and she would ensure that Adriana was paid well. Sarah Jane and her gang then returned home. Clyde drew a picture of Sky entitled “Sky’s Room” which Luke stuck up in her room. (The Man Who Never Was)

Clyde continued to work on The Silver Bullet, eventually getting his comic published, with talks of a movie adaption eventually in the works.

Clyde was making a guest appearance at the New York Comic-Con when he received the news that Sarah Jane had passed away. He attended her memorial on a “bright, cold Spring day”, where he discussed Sarah Jane with other guests, and helped fight the Jackals of the Backwards Clock to foil the Trickster’s revenge plot. After the service, Clyde, Luke and Rani journeyed back the 13 Bannerman Road to honour Sarah Jane’s request to close down he house. After closing down the attic, Clyde left to continue work on The Silver Bullet movie. (Farewell, Sarah Jane)

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