Place of Origin:

New Earth


New Earth

Main Actor:

Lucy Robinson


Frau Clovis was the Duke of Manhattan’s personal assistant. She was a very formal, uptight woman who was highly protective of the Duke and obsessed with procedural etiquette.

Clovis was with the Duke of Manhattan in Ward 26 of the New New York Hospital while he was dying of Petrifold Regression. There, she met the Tenth Doctor and bristled at him for invading the Duke’s privacy. After the Duke was cured of his condition, she joined in celebrating his recovery with a glass of champagne.

When the hospital came under quarantine, Clovis went looking for service. However, upon seeing several infected humans, she screamed in terror before activating the alarm and fleeing back to Ward 26, where she helped barricade the door. The Doctor and Cassandra O’Brien (possessing the body of Rose Tyler) later managed to gain access to the ward through a service door, and Clovis believing them to be infected, threatened to attack them both with a chair.

She informed The Doctor of her intention to contact the Senate of New New York so they could send in a private executive squad, selfishly determined to risk breaking the hospital’s quarantine in order to save her own life. Instead, The Doctor had everyone gather all the ward’s intravenous solutions to use as a cure, and Clovis joined in the effort to help. As he and Cassandra prepared to slide down the lift shaft outside, Clovis sealed the access to Ward 26 to prevent any further infected humans getting inside. She ultimately survived the events at the hospital. (New Earth)

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