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Clive Finch



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Mark Benton


Clive J Finch – known as CJ in his youth (The Persistence of Memory) – was a human conspiracy theorist from Stoke Newington (Rose) who lived on Victoria Street (Rose, Security Bot) with his wife and children. He collected information on The Doctor, and ran a website, (Rose)


In 1963, when Clive was just two years of age, his father was involved in the Shorch incident and was subsequently exterminated by an Imperial Dalek. Although his death was covered up by the military, Clive began to research. Clive discovered not only The Daleks but also The Doctor. This began a lifelong project into fully understanding The Doctor and their manyincarnations, appearing throughout history. (Rose)

In his childhood, Clive was interested in a variety of mysteries, including Big Foot, Sasquatch, the Mary Celeste, yeti, the Bermuda Triangle, the Loch Ness Monster, the Roswell crash, and the panthers of Dartmoor.

On 24 December 1979, when Clive was fourteen, he encountered the Twelfth Doctor at a newsagents and noticed that The Doctor was using coins from 1987. He followed The Doctor back to the TARDIS and jumped in after him. As it was Christmas Eve, The Doctor decided to give Clive the gift of a quick trip in time and space.


Clive decided that he wanted The Doctor to take him to Loch Ness in the summerof 1979 to try to find the monster. After an adventure involving a plot by the Meddling Monk to depopulate the Earth and then sell it, The Doctor returned Clive to Christmas Eve. The Doctor used his mental powers to blur Clive’s memories of the incident. (The Persistence of Memory)

Clive had a wife, Caroline, who he met at Durham University when his UFO society and her Enclave groups had both booked the same venue. His group left, but Caroline tracked him down to a bar where she apologised. They talked together through the night.

They later married and had two sons, Ben and Michaelat some point, Clive became an estate agent. (Rose)

By 2005, Clive was maintaining a website, Who is Doctor Who, focused on the mysterious Doctor who kept appearing throughout recorded history.

Rose Tyler contacted Clive shortly after having her own encounters with the Ninth Doctor. Clive said, “The Doctor” was held to be a title handed down from father to son, while he believed that The Doctor was an immortal alien. He showed Rose photographs and drawings of the incarnation she had met, taken at several different points in history. (Rose) He also showed her photos of other figures also known as “The Doctor”, before asking her to take him with her to meet The Doctor, causing Rose to make her excuses and leave. (Rose)

Shortly after his meeting with Rose, he and his family were on a shopping trip at Queen’s Arcade when the Autons were activated. Clive was amazed to realise that the stories he had heard about The Doctor were true. However, an Auton approached his family and drew its gun on Clive. Clive stared at it with a look of cold submissiveness, knowing he was about to be killed. He then had his head blown off by the Auton, while his family fled for their lives screaming. (Rose, Rose)

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