Claudia Mason



Claudia Mason






The Nu-Humans


Claudia Mason was a Nu-Human. Trevor Reardon was her nephew.

Claudia looked more human than any other Nu-Human. She was the governorof the mining colony in Hope Eternal. Her grandfather created the first Nu-Humans, using alien DNA.

The Nu-Humans moved to Hope Eternal. However, it did not work like Claudia’s grandfather had expected. In the second generation of Nu-Humans, the alien DNA caused diseases and mental deterioration. Some of the Nu-Humans became murderous.

Claudia killed the murderous Nu-Humans. She did not want the families’ reputation to be harmed. She did not want to lose Hope Eternal and her money if the people found out what had happened.

Claudia wanted to experiment on Rory Williams, who arrived on the planet together with the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond. Claudia wanted Rory’s DNA to get right what her grandfather had done wrong, to stabilise Nu-Humans. She did not care if Rory would die during the experiments. However, Rory was saved by Amy and Trevor. Claudia later was killed by a Sky Raptor. (The Nu-Humans)

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