Class Soundtrack

Class Soundtrack
Class Soundtrack


Catalogue No. SILCD1582
Original Release Date: 7 December 2018
Number of Discs: 1
Numberof Tracks: 43
Run Time: 1h 19m


+ CD
+ Limited edition double LP on marbled orange and blue vinyl
+ Bonus CD with 46 tracks of additional content
+ Vinyl + Bonus CD bundle option)
+ CD + Bonus CD bundle option)

Special Notes

The limited edition vinyl has a unique sleeve illustration by Jonny Eveson


Tracklisting Standard CD / vinyl tracklist:

01 The Shadow Kin
02 Quill’s Got A Gun
03 Rhodia
04 Death Awaits Us
05 The Doctor Will See You Now
06 Aftermath
07 Time Has Looked At Your Faces
08 Night Music
09 The Cabinet of Souls
10 Back To School
11 Once Upon A Time In The Classroom
12 Chasing The Dragon
13 Dragon Attack
14 Reflections
15 Strands from the Rift
16 April’s Past
17 Gathering Strength
18 Here She Comes In A Ruddy Great Bus
19 Heavy Petal
20 To Share A Heart
21 Rescue
22 Regicide
23 Rise To Power
24 First Steps
25 Asteroid
26 Angry Enough To Kill
27 Charlie’s Angry, Charlie’s Winning
28 Planet of the Arn
29 All Species Say That
30 This Form I Wear
31 Quill Vs Lore


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